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03.04.16 GoPro Cameras with Kristen Pickett

Kristen PickettKristen Pickett from Occupational Therapy shares how she used GoPro cameras. Her idea was to give her Occupational Therapy (OT) students opportunities for concrete, real world learning experiences prior to and when embarking on their fieldwork training. She gave students GoPro cameras (small cameras worn on your person), allowing them to capture both the OT and patient vantage points while engaged in assessment and treatment activities. Recordings were then incorporated into situated learning experiences. Students were able to assemble a video library of techniques and procedures for later review and use.

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Kristen’s GoPro Story


  • Multiple-perspective video can help students self-assess their “soft” skills by seeing how the people they interview or interact with react to their mannerisms, ways of talking, body language, etc.
  • Even one-perspective video can assist with interviews; the interviewer doesn’t have to be frantically taking notes the whole time, and can watch later for notes.
  • Consider the time that it will take for students to film and produce the video, and the time it will take you as the instructor to review the videos. Rather than watch everything, have student give you time codes for three parts they want feedback on.
  • Work in peer feedback so students can learn from each others’ videos, interviewing skills, and technical processes.
  • Giving and receiving feedback are skills themselves; explicitly teach those.

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