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03.13.15: Linsey Steege on WordPress

Linsey SteegeOn Friday, March 13th, Linsey Steege from Nursing shared how she has been using WordPress in her undergraduate and graduate courses. She discussed how she shapes her assignments and how her students have reacted to submitting them on WordPress. Then, we provided a hands-on experience with the tool: people made an account, made a post, embedded images, messed around with formatting, etc. And, as always, we unpacked the pedagogy, reflected on how it differed from D2L’s discussion board and other mediums, and answered questions.

Watch Linsey share how she uses it:

Check out Q&A session:

Some takeaways:

  1. WordPress is pretty easy once the students are in, and once one member of a group is in, they can re-invite others. But expect a little bit of chaos the first week.
  2. Students took seriously the responsibility of creating posts that the public can see. They learned to write less formally (for the web), but more carefully (for public consumption). Some used their real names; though none were required to.
  3. Structure group assignments so they have to work together and iterate on a post, so they don’t divide and conquer (each take one post). They learn more when forced to read/comment on each others’ posts.
  4. WordPress is not a UW-Madison supported tool, though many departments use it. It can also be set as the D2L home page (instructions here)

If you’re interested in stepping through a worksheet to get up and running with WordPress, try using the WordPress activity worksheet we used in this session!

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