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03.18.16 Workflow Visualization Toolkit with Alan Hackbarth

Alan HackbarthAlan Hackbarth from UW Colleges shares how he uses the Workflow Visualization Toolkit to track how students interact with course content. WVS allows instructors to design student work, tracks their work (currently in Moodle and D2L), and analyze time-on-task and other data.

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Workflow visualization toolkit

Alan’s Workflow Visualization Tooklit Story


  • Remember that this is a tool that is under development (even the User guide (link to pdf) was created the week before this lab.) Please send feedback on the tool to Alan Hackbarth ( and Chris Lalande (!
  • The Workflow Visualization System (WVS) can help instructors see data on individual assignments, to help them refine assignments, directions, etc. based on student interaction with the assignments and each other.
  • The WVS can also help instructors better “front end” entire course planning by designing intended student workflows and tracking how effective individual assignments build on each other.
  • The WVS can help instructors easily identify who online discussion student leaders are, and note whether participation connects to overall success.
  • For more developed learning analytics tools available on campus, check out the Learning Analytics Tool Chest:

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