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04.01.16 Open Author for WordPress eTexts with Steel Wagstaff

Steel WagstaffSteel Wagstaff from Learning Support Services shares how Open Author, a platform to build and share open educational resources, has been used to create online eTexts in WordPress.

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OpenAuthor screenshot

Steel’s Open Author Story

Takeawaysh5P types

  • If you’re familiar with WordPress, this will be easy to navigate.
  • It is collaborative, with robust version control.
  • The H5P plugin adds interactivity (e.g, matching activities, quizzing, short answer questions, etc.)
  • The OpenAuthor project uses WordPress and plugins based on current standards, is device/platform agnostic and accessible, and is exportable to many formats (Mobi, PDF, EPUB, EPUB3, etc.).
  • You can choose which granular parts to export, allowing multiple versions (e.g., one that includes copyrighted material within the LMS, and one that only includes open source material on a public website.
  • Content created in this suite of tools is accessible as a stand-alone thing, and/or be plugged directly into various LMSs, or can be exported and uploaded into them.
  • A new learning analytics standard will allow better integration of scoring of the H5P content to various LMSs.


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