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04.13.16 Adobe Captivate with Dan LaValley & Josh Harder

Josh HarderDan-LaValleyDan LaValley and Josh Harder from DoIT Academic Technology share how they used Adobe Captivate, an eLearning authoring tool. Some alternatives can be found here (we’ve heard good things about Microsoft’s Office Mix).

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Dan and Josh’s Adobe Captivate Story

Here is a quick intro video about Adobe Captivate:

If you’d like a more advanced look at what Captivate can do, check out “Adobe Captivate Demo for Educators” (note there are 4 parts):

If you think Captivate might be the tool for you, has extensive online tutorials. If you’ve never logged into before, check out the instructions here. You can also see an in-progress KnowledgeBase document on Adobe Captivate here.


  • Some things are easy to do, and some are very complicated. Captivate is a huge and complicated program that can do many things. If you want to do easy things with a simple learning curve, consider looking for alternatives at
  • Captivate does not include webcam recording.
  • Captivate DOES allow branching.
  • Recommended first project: record your lecture with your slides — do that until you get comfortable, then branch out.

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