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04.17.15 Cathy Middlecamp on Siftr

MiddlecampCathy Middlecamp from the Nelson Institute shared how she had her students use their smartphones to collectively crowdsource a map of photographs and descriptions of campus wildlife. She told us that story, and we explored Siftr as participants and ran through the simple process of creating our own siftrs.

Some of the takeaways include:

  • Siftr is a good tool to help students to see the world in new ways.
  • When creating your Siftr, choose tags / categories that don’t overlap much.
  • Consider assigning hashtag use in image descriptions to make analysis easier. (E.g., see where the #sophomores go as opposed to the #seniors.)
  • Use different colors and shapes for tag / category icons to make patterns more evident on the map.

If you’re interested in getting up and running with Siftr, try stepping through the Siftr worksheet we created for this session.

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