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04.29.16 Timeline Software with Bronwen Masemann

Bronwen MasemannBronwen Masemann from Library Science shares how she used free online Timeline software for student-created assignments. They created online timelines and maps to better understand their digital humanities project.

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Bronwen’s Timeline Story


  • Use Timeline or StoryMap as a presentation tool (instead of PowerPoint).
  • Consider Timeline or StoryMap as a final project — it can require as much writing, but the format of it doesn’t feel like a paper. They can also serve as a way to scaffold the view of data from other perspectives (narrative vs map-based, vs chronological).
  • Their ease of use helps students focus on content rather than technology.
  • She tried tiki-toki too, which works well but has a cost associated.
  • Other data visualization tools to check out: datawrapper, Google Map Layersinfogr.amViewshare, and Tableau.

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