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05.8.15 Shawn Peters on Twitter

PetersOn May 8th, Shawn Peters from Integrated Liberal Studies shared how he gets students interacting outside of class with Twitter. We saw a few strategies and examples and then tried it ourselves and shared resources (check out the Activity Sheet) on how to make a Twitter Search Feed and embed it in D2L or Moodle! Finally, we unpacked the underlying pedagogy, and discussed other options (like todaysmeet).

Watch his talk:

And watch the Q&A:


  • Use of Twitter-type activity to record questions needing to be answered
  • “Challenge students to summarize key takeaways in 140 characters or less.”
  • lets you very easily do a private Twitter-esque activity in class.
  • Have a conversation with the students about how they represent themselves, the class, and the university, via their tweets, since tweets are public.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous nature of Twitter is cool
  • Analytic tools around Twitter can be good for assignments and/or for digging deeply into current topics.

If you’re interested in stepping through a worksheet to get up and running with Twitter, try using the Twitter activity worksheet we used in this session! You can also find Shawn Peter’s Slides on Twitter here.

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