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11.03.15: Google Forms with John Martin

John Martin copyJohn Martin from DoIT Academic Technology shared how he used Google Forms to remind students of course concepts while getting anonymous formative feedback on how effectively he was teaching.

Notes • Activity Sheet

John’s Google Forms story


  • Google Forms is fully embeddable in D2L or Moodle (as a news item)
  • Google Forms ( and Qualtrics ( have similar but not identical features. Qualtrics can do more, and is free for UW-Madison, but is more complicated to learn; one or the other might work best for your needs.
  • Get anonymous qualitative and quantitative formative feedback from students and give students credit for it by linking a “click here for credit” (not anonymous) survey where they enter their name to get credit.
  • Google Forms does branching! (insert new sections and direct certain answers there)


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