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12.04.15: David Feldstein and Yuyen Chang on Blackboard Collaborate

David FeldsteinYuyen ChangDavid Feldstein and Yuyen Chang shared how they used Blackboard Collaborate to connect with their off-campus residents who didn’t have a classroom to meet in.

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David’s Blackboard Collaborate Story

Takeaways from the session

  • Teacher presence in a class is an important consideration; perhaps Collaborate can help meet that need.
  • Students can use mic to talk with each other in the breakout rooms. Six mics can be open at a time, so groups of six students are a good size for that reason. Up to six students are generally a good size based on pedagogy.
  • Give students instructions about what to do in the breakout rooms – both pedagogy instructions and tech instructions.
  • Assign another person besides the instructor, as a facilitator, to take care of the technical issues that might happen during the web conference. This is especially important for large courses.
  • Have the students in the breakout groups designate a spokesperson, so that the instructor knows they can call on that person to report for the group.
  • Do an orientation for the whole class before the first web conference so that students have already used the software before they need to use it for a class.
  • Have a plan for if students have poor connection – how to redirect them to their breakout rooms.
  • Recommend headsets for all students to minimize feedback.
  • some features are not supported in the mobile app version of Collaborate
  • University affiliation is required for the moderator of a Collaborate session (you can only launch a session via portal/Moodle/D2L, while there is no such requirement for the participants
  • At this time, there is no clear information about the accessibility of Collaborate.
  • As with other campus supported tools, an advantage of using Collaborate is that student privacy and information will be protected.
  • There are more tips on the activity sheet

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