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2.13.15: Michael Maguire on Google+ Communities

Michael MaguireMichael Maguire shared how he and his colleagues in the School of Human Ecology have been using Google+ Communities in the process of designing a new course, EcoYou.

Some of the takeaways include:

  • because they started before G+ was turned on for campus, there were some hiccups in getting started, especially for those, like him, who were part of the “lead pencil society” but the intuitive and accessible nature of the platform won them over quickly.
  • it provided a “real feeling of online community” and affords a “raw” sharing of ideas right when they’re fresh (on the bus, in committee meetings, after midnight, etc.
  • it also offers very simple integration with Google docs; much better than sharing documents via email.

Q&A (10 minutes)

If you’re interested in stepping through a worksheet to get up and running with Google+ Communities, try using the Google+ worksheet we used in this session!

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