University of Wisconsin–Madison

2011 Summer Institute

In 2011, there were 29 instructors re-energizing their courses!


  1. Catherine Arnott Smith, Assistant Professor, Library and Information Studies
  2. Ruth Olson Faculty Associate; Associate Director, Folklore Program; Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures
  3. Tom DuBois Director, Folklore Program; Professor, Folklore and Scandinavian Studies
  4. Tim Frandy Teaching Assistant, Folklore Program and Scandinavian Studies
  5. Mark Rickenbach, Associate Professor & Extension Specialist, Forest & Wildlife Ecology
  6. Leif V. Brottem, PhD Candidate, Geography
  7. Karen A. Kehl, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  8. Erin McCloskey, Director of Curriculum and Instructor, Continuing Studies
  9. Louise Fowler, Acting Director, Certificate Programs & Courses
  10. Elisabeth L. Miller, PhD Student and Teaching Assistant, English
  11. Christopher S. Earle ,PhD Student, Teaching Assistant Composition and Rhetoric
  12. Chi-Liang Eric Yen, Assistant Professor, Nutritional Sciences
  13. Bethany Wilinski, Doctoral Student, Curriculum & Instruction and Educational Policy Studies
  14. Saili Kulkarni, Doctoral Student, Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education
  15. Stephanie White, Doctoral Student, Composition and Rhetoric
  16. Cynthia R. Poe, Lecturer, Technical Communication Program
  17. Alfonso Morales, Assistant Professor, Urban and Regional Planning
  18. Regina Dunst, Clinical Associate Professor, Nursing
  19. Kelly Kruse-Nelles
  20. Rachel Nitzarim, Counseling Psychology
  21. Caitlin Mosman,
  22. Christine Lamberson, PhD Candidate, History
  23. Steel Wagstaff ,PhD student, English
  24. Mark Dziedzic, Outreach Specialist, Office of Education Outreach & Partnerships
  25. Lisa Hebgan, Outreach Specialist
  26. Anna Pidgeon, Assistant Professor, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
  27. Baron Chanda, Assistant Professor, Neuroscience
  28. Susan Nossal, Director, Physics Learning Center
  29. Rachael Lancor, PhD student

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