University of Wisconsin–Madison

2012 Summer Institute

This year we had 30 instructors designing and reimagining their courses.

  1. Andrew Lokuta, Associate Faculty Associate, Neuroscience
  2. Jessica Teslaa,
  3. Lee Bishop,
  4. Joy Zedler, Professor, Botany
  5. Jim Doherty, PhD Candidate/TA, Botany
  6. Karen Downs, Professor, Cell and Regenerative Biology
  7. Jenny Higgins, Assistant Professor, Gender and Women’s Studies
  8. Margaret K. Mbeseha, Teaching Assistant, Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education
  9. Wangari P. Gichiru, Field Supervisor and Teaching Assistant, Curriculum & Instruction
  10. Suzanna Waters Castillo Faculty Associate, Continuing Studies
  11. Rhonda Reinholtz, Senior Lecturer, Psychology
  12. James P. Hurley, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  13. William (Bill) Bland, Professor, Soil Science
  14. Julie Webb, Clinical Instructor, Pathobiological Sciences
  15. Susan Nossa,l Associate Scientist, Physics
  16. Larry Watson, Associate Faculty Associate, Physics Learning Center
  17. Peter Timbie
  18. Beth Fahlberg, Clinical Associate, Professor
  19. Linda D. Oakley, Professor
  20. Andrea L. Williams, Clinical Associate Professor
  21. Raandi Schmidt, Clinical Associate Professor
  22. Terri Pellino, Clinical Professor
  23. Elizabeth A Becker, Associate Lecturer, Psychology
  24. Steven G. Oakes, Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  25. Denise Pigarelli, Clinical Associate Professor, Pharmacy
  26. Min-Chi Yan, doctoral student, Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education
  27. Hyun Ju Kang, doctoral student
  28. Kimber L. Wilkerson, Professor
  29. Sharad Chandarana, Faculty Associate, Continuing Studies
  30. Audrey Tluczek, Associate Professor, School of Nursing

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