University of Wisconsin–Madison

December 2016 Minutes

UW-Teaching Academy
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday December 12, 2016
Law School, Rm 7205
8:30am to 10:00am

I. Opening Items and Announcements

Minutes from November meeting unanimously approved.

Announcements: The ExComm discussed sending a Doodle poll to determine Spring meeting times.

II. New Business
Clinical Affiliates Proposal from Dean Petty (Adrian, 15 min)

  • Jeanette Roberts, PhD MPH, Professor, and Dean Emeritus, Director of the Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (CIPE) presented a proposal that outlined collaboration between the Teaching Academy and the CIPE to include clinical practitioners as affiliates and connect them to UW-Madison.  
  • Under the current proposal, the clinical affiliate status would assist clinical teachers in expanding teaching expertise through the CIPE. CIPE does not serve the schools of law, education, or social work.
  • The Teaching Academy could assist the CIPE in offering professional development and continuing education for clinicians, saving staff and time of the CIPE in creating a clinical specific teaching academy. Clinicians would have to participate in a certain amount of PD or events in order to qualify for affiliate status.
  • The ExComm presented the possibility of creating an ExComm clinical co-chair position. The ExComm discussed that the Teaching Academy does not have the capacity to develop individuals, but has capacity to ally and acknowledge skills.
  • The ExComm will create a subcommittee to further discuss the clinical affiliate role and will send Jeanette I-LEaP, TA-LEaP, and TASI materials.   

Acknowledgement of Affiliate Status

  • The individuals who met the requirements to become an affiliate will be acknowledged at the Winter Reboot. The January ExComm meeting will include an internal discussion on the future direction of the affiliate status.

Faculty Senate Relationship

  • Rebuilding the Faculty Senate relationship would help to build prestige for the UW-TA. The Teaching Academy could proactively offer and submit an annual report to the Faculty Senate, University Committee, and Academic Staff assembly. In addition to a written report, the ExComm discussed creating an elevator speech that describes the need for and accomplishments of the UW-TA

New ExComm Membership Nomination

  • Nick Balster nominated Rosemary Russ for the ExComm, to bolster engagement between MTLE and the UW-TA. Rosemary Russ was unanimously approved by the ExComm and will begin her term starting in January 2017. Shauntal will send a congratulatory email.

III. Updates and Continued Discussion

Winter Reboot Planning Update (John M., John Z., Cecelia)

  • The event topic is “Teaching in Divisive Times” and John M. is meeting with guest presenter Diana Hess in the upcoming weeks.

White Paper Update (David)

  • The L&S committee is interested in creating a consistent survey for all classes with data from said survey distributed online for students to access.


  • Megan S. scheduled meeting with John M. and Shauntal to create a Canvas course that includes peer matching. 

U-CLaSS Update (John Z & Jamie)

  • U-CLaSS event occurred on December 8, 2016 and had 10 students in attendance. The ExComm discussed moving the Spring meeting times to early evening in order to increase participation numbers.

Spring Fellows Only Event

  • The event should be separate from the Induction Ceremony and should focus on what it means for the Teaching Academy to “promote excellence.” The event should additionally provide a space for the UW-TA community to actively discuss campus policies.

IV. Other Business

  • The Teaching Academy could create a written needs assessment that gathers what members want from the academy and what would help to engage more of the membership.
  • The FFP has considered establishing a happy hour gathering during Spring 2017.

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