About the Teaching Academy

HISTORY: In 1993, the Faculty Senate established the Teaching Academy of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, gathering together those scholars who demonstrated excellence in teaching and are concerned about teaching and learning at this research university.

MISSION: The mission of the UW-Madison Teaching Academy is to promote, recognize and support excellence in teaching and learning among faculty, staff and students across campus and beyond. It operates in accordance with a set of mission and bylaws and is made up of approximately 300 Fellows and Future Faculty Partners from a wide range of departments and programs on campus.

MEMBER INQUIRY: Do you need to update your status from FFP to Fellow? Would you like to check if a colleague is a member before beginning the nomination process? Other questions?
Please send the Teaching Academy a brief email

FELLOWS are faculty, academic staff, and outreach instructors who have nominated for demonstrating excellence in teaching and a commitment to improving the quality of teaching and learning across this campus.

FFPs (Future Faculty Partners) have been formally recognized by the Teaching Academy as having demonstrated a deep interest in and commitment to higher education, and a willingness to commit to at least one year of active involvement in the Teaching Academy. They have at least one-year residence status on the UW-Madison campus, and three semesters of teaching experience with demonstrated teaching excellence. FFPs are represented on the executive committee, and meet as a group to discuss issues relevant to their teaching. Activities include serving as guest speakers, attending workshops, and leading discussions on a variety of topics such as TA training, writing a teaching philosophy, developing syllabi, and interviewing for jobs in higher education.

AFFILIATES Affiliate status is given to recognize instructors, educators, post-docs, and graduate students for their interest in improving teaching and learning. It may also be awarded as an honor to recognize contributions to Teaching Academy events, such as to those who present at our Fall and winter Retreats. The Teaching Academy encourages those with Affiliate status to apply to become Fellows after three years. Graduate students and post-docs may apply to become Future Faculty Partners earlier than three years.

DISTINGUISHED MEMBERS are Fellows and FFPs who have continued to demonstrate sustained excellence in Teaching and Learning on the UW–Madison campus, and have been chosen by their peers to receive an award from the Teaching Academy. For more information on UW Teaching Academy history and origins, please see our 1998-2002 history and strategic plan.