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April 2017 Minutes

UW-Teaching Academy
Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday April 13, 2017
Middleton Building, Rm 304
1:00pm to 2:30pm

Present: Jamie Henke, John Zumbrunnen, John Martin, Jason Hansen, Deb Shapiro, Molly Harris, Adrian Treves, Sue Wenker, and Cecelia Klingele.

I. Opening Items and Announcements

  1. March Minutes were unanimously approved.
  2. Announcements:
  3. At 2018 Induction, get phonetic spelling of inductee names and provide guidelines to nominators on how to introduce inductees.

II. New Business

    1. Program Assistant Position Update
      1. The position will be transferred to an Administrative Programs Specialist, an individual who will assist multiple collaborative agencies. They are currently seeking external candidates and the position will be housed in Bascom. Timeline for hire will be discussed at the April 14 Collaborative meeting and the ExComm should create a contingency plan if someone is not hired immediately.
    2. Fellow and FFP Application Criteria, form sub-committe.
      1. Molly and Jason submitted suggestions from the FFP review committee.
      2. John Z., Deb S, Jamie H., Molly H., and Jason H. will serve on application/nomination subcommittee that will evaluate the process over the summer and present at the August retreat.
    3. Communication with Faculty Senate
      1. The ExComm agreed on reinstating consistent communication with the Faculty Senate and discussed the value of presenting a year-end update.
      2. New member, Anja Wanner serves on the Univesrity Committee and could serve as an ambassador to the UW_TA in Faculty Senate. Similarly, the UW-TA should have a representative present to ASA.
      3. With UW-TA ambassadors in place, we need to create consistent messaging for for presenting to the aforementioned entities.

III. Updates and Continued Discussion

    1. Spring Members Only Event
      1. The ExComm discussed how having a follow-up members event right after induction shows activity and provides an immediate opportunity for new members to engage.
      2. The event will start at 5:30 with refreshments and food, Jo Handelsman and Nick will give presentations at 6, and then a discussion will occur at 6:45.
      3. John Z. will send out reminder email to new inductees. Event needs to be called Members Only event, not Fellows only event
    2. TASI Update
      1.  John M. updated the ExComm on TASI 2017. The draft schedule is up on Google Drive, this year’s planning team is smaller but more efficient. TASI will focus on course design and the process used by other course design institutes across the country. There are 20 project proposals to date.
    3. PFoT
      1. The PFoT team will be meeting on Tuesday, May 30 from 8:30-12:00 and Wednesday May 31 to discuss the program moving forward. Cecelia K. and Sue W. will send Jamie a list of responsibilities that the new staff member can take on for PFoT. Adrian T. will be joining the PFoT Committee.
      2. Sue W. and Cecelia K. have been discussing the construction of PFoT as a self-managed and self-contact program, providing a peer teacher on campus who can share class observations with you. Early career staff can reach out to UW-TA members for mentorship. The ExComm discussed how this could potentially flood our Fellow members and decrease access to department teaching.
      3. PFoT could provide standardized peer review/observations and reports, or a recommended rubric to use across campus. PFoT should provide a global picture of teaching and promote broader skills, while promoting observations in each dept. for content specificity. Completing a PFoT observation would display that a faculty member has worked to develop their teaching in a valuable way.
      4. The ExComm discussed what role PFoT would play in a tenure file, if a person not from their department reviews their teaching. Outlined how PFoT could collaborate with Dept. Chairs regarding how this peer feedback fits in an individual’s tenure file.
      5. Molly H. and Jason H. stated that FFPs would be interested in both observing others and being observed by other FFPs as well as Fellows. PFoT could include options for faculty/graduate student, faculty/faculty, and graduate student/graduate student peer feedback.
    1. U-CLaSS Update
      1. John Z. and Jamie H. discussed trying to institutionalize U-CLaSS so it is not a series of one off events, providing formalized recognition for students who participate. The new staff position will include responsibilities regarding U-CLaSS planning.  John Z. is setting up a meeting with students who are on the U-CLaSS emailing list to discuss future direction.
      2. Adrian T. offered to work with ASM, pushing for the future inclusion of U-CLaSS as an ASM initiative. Then students could put U-CLaSS on their resume.
      3. In the future, the UW-TA could have a U-CLaSS Blog and teachers could volunteer their entire class as participating in U-CLaSS to hear feedback.
    1. T&L Symposium Lunch
      1. The lunch will occur from 12:30 to 1:15pm. At 12:15, the teaching academy will start its brief presentation, recognizing new members and affiliates. Beth can receive her academy award and give speech outlining the benefits of the UW-TA.
      2. The presentation will have slides showing lists of affiliates, new Fellows, and new FFPs. John and Jamie will give a brief intro of the UW-TA.
    1. LEaP Programs
      1. TA-LEaP will occur August 21-22 and I-LEaP will take place August 23-24. 30 individuals are currently signed up.

Other Business

    1. Active Teaching Lab
      1. 86 Active Teaching Labs have occurred this semester, 36 have been led by Teaching Academy Fellows. 1151 individuals have attended.
      2. Recommendation to reopen what qualifies for affiliates in the May meeting by John M. and Adrian T. Shauntal should provide the amended affiliate document voted upon last Spring and a link to list of active teaching labs.
        1. For instance, if an individual attends a certain amount of Active Teaching Labs (designated hours etc), does that qualify for Affiliate. If one attends x amount of active teaching labs and then attends a 3-hour lab on instructional design, one could be an affiliate.
    2. ExComm Membership
      1. Four ExComm members are rotating off in May/June: Deb S., Sue W., Adrian T., and Duncan C.
      2. The ExComm discussed whether the UW-TA put out a call for candidate applications and then have the whole membership vote on who should be new ExComm members. They did not reach a consensus.
    1. FFP ExComm Representative
      1. Jason will be stepping down from ExComm. He recommended Carolyn Liesen as the new FFP representative.
      2. The UW-TA unanimously approved Carolyn Liesen as the new FFP ExComm rep.


  • Co-Chairs sit down with Anja Wanner.

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