University of Wisconsin–Madison

April 2016 Minutes

I. Opening Items
Approve minutes from April Meeting.
-Approved unanimously

Approve Academy Award nominees

Co-Chair Elections
-Deb and John Z. voted over the phone. Adrian voted via Skype. Votes will be counted by Shauntal after the meeting and the results will be distributed via email.

II. New Business
Affiliate status 
-Megan requested that MTLE not be included on the list of Affiliates.
– The ExComm voted to adopt affiliate status program as pilot. Motion to vote by Beth Martin. 2 members opposed.
– Affiliate status would expire after 3 years.
– Dean Petty’s SMPH clinical affiliate status would be adopted as pilot.
-Discussed potentially holding a public forum at the Induction ceremony to received feedback from current Fellows/FFPs.
-Affiliate does not equate to good teacher, unlike Fellow status.
-Should have specific communication and outreach strategy to draw in affiliates.

Host T&L Collaborative Meeting (Deb & David)
Ex Comm agreed that they would be willing to hold a meeting for the group in Fall 2016. In May, the co-chairs will discuss finding and booking a room for the meeting.

Fellow-Only Events
-David will mention the idea at the Induction Ceremony. The ExComm could potentially shift budget allocations from the T&L Symposium to be used for a Fellow-Only event. -The ExComm discussed either creating an evening event or including the Fellow-Only event as part of the Fall Kickoff or Winter Retreat.

III. Updates and Continued Discussion
-Budget Reduction (food, numbers, supplies, books)
Green books from Brad 10×40= 400
-Reunion Lunch (First Friday in October)
-Planning Update
-Schedule fleshed out (here); most speakers confirmed; need students panel
-32 people applications (~64-72 attendees!)

U-CLaSS Update
-Next U-CLaSS chat:  Thursday April 28 with theme of Teaching Assistants
-John and Jamie working on ideas for U-CLaSS programs beyond chats

Fall Kickoff Planning Committee:  
-Committee met two weeks ago. Working on theme of “Listening to our Students” and ideas for considering different ways of collecting feedback from students and using it to improve courses.

Events will occur in late August.

 Fellow and FFP Induction Ceremony April 27, 4:30 PM

-Megan (Sue), Janet, and John M did a SGID (Small Group Instructional Diagnostic) intervention for a 140+ student Nursing class in their Active Learning Classroom on April 4th and will meet with the instructors for a debrief (before TAEC Monday).

UW-TEaCH poster was presented at the OPID conference in Green Lake, Friday, Apr 15.  Same poster will be displayed at the T&L Symposium.

Move to Close.

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