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11.13.15: Flipping Lectures in CSCR with Aurelie Rakotondrafara

Aurelie RakotondrafaraAurelie Rakotondrafara from Plant Pathology shared how she used CSCR to blend her lectures. She punctuates the modules with no-stakes required quizzes so students can self-check that they’re learning what they’re supposed to learn.

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Aurelie’s CSCR Story (blending the lecture)


  • CSCR is one of many tools that can be used to present content. Think carefully about your goals are for your students when choosing a tool.
  • Don’t jump into a new tool like CSCR right away. First, plan how you want to cover the content, THEN proceed to put the content into the tool.
    • It will take time, especially when you’re just starting to use the tool
    • Start with one class or activity, test it, tweak it, then scale to others.
  • Use AT staff for consults!
  • You CAN edit a CSCR after it has been launched (provided you save the files, and not just the exported piece).
  • You don’t have to commit to doing a full class in CSCR (or ANY tool!); you can do pieces at a time, as you feel is the best approach, and as you get comfortable with the tool.
  • Use CSCR or another content-presentation tool to present basic content that you have to cover, and save live lectures and class time for the more exciting aspects and topics!
  • You can direct students to online materials if they don’t understand concepts in the self-check. Very easy review!
  • In CSCR, students can’t “save their place,” so think of ways to be modular (e.g. table of contents) so they wouldn’t have to go through a really long CSCR a second time to get back to where they are.


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