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Active Teaching Lab - Hands-onA great partnership between DoIT Academic Technology and the UW Teaching Academy, since 2015, 200+ Active Teaching Labs have provided over 3000 participants a safe space (and refreshments!) to share and learn with each other in structured explorations of the cool teaching tools and techniques that your peers are using to engage students and teach more effectively.

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Over 3000 participants have attended one or more of our 200+ Labs. Participants and Contributors both consistently report that the Labs are useful to them and to the campus as a whole:

If you would like to share a story of using technology in teaching at an upcoming Lab, please contact


If you missed an event, each session page has a link to a video of the instructor sharing: 1) what they wanted; 2) what they tried; 3) what happened; and 4) what they’d do next time. Or check them all out in our new, regularly-updated, easy-to-navigate eText compilation:

The Active Teaching Lab is co-sponsored by the UW Teaching Academy, which hosts this page, and DoIT Academic Technology.

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