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Members Only Events

Fall 2018 - Markus Brauer

UW-Madison Teaching Academy Members-Only Events are exclusive sessions for Fellows and FFPs to meet together for informal discussions on topics relevant to Teaching & Learning on campus.

UPCOMING Members Only Roundtables

Constructive Criticism of Teaching: How to give it, how to take it
Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2020, 5 – 6:30 pm 

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Panelists: Beth Martin, Assistant Dean in the School of Pharmacy, Peter Wardrip, Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

Moderator: Adrian Treves, Professor, Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies, Teaching Academy co-chair

For many of us, our personal narrative includes the idea that we are good teachers, which can make it hard to seek and then accept honest feedback from peers (or, even more so, from students). How can we cultivate an attitude of constant self-improvement so as to be able to grow as a teacher through feedback? How can individuals giving feedback do so in such a way as to support improved educational outcomes for students without undermining the confidence of instructors? And how can the institution as a whole set up systems for frequent, constructive feedback so as to encourage and reward teaching quality and improvements in teaching quality without feeling punitive?

This event is open to all Teaching Academy Fellows, Future Faculty Partners, and Affiliates.

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PAST Members Only Roundtables

Spring 2020: Feedback on Teaching

This Roundtable was cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation.

Fall 2019: More students, more learning?

The last two freshman classes have broken records for size and diversity. Come and participate in a convivial discussion of how these changes will impact teaching and learning at UW-Madison. Our panelists will address three relevant issues: What the incoming first-years are like (Nathan Phelps, FIG program); How summer session can (or cannot) help this bolus of students graduate on time (Aphra Mednick, Summer Term and Precollege Programming), and; since larger cohorts imply more dependence on  online and large enrollment classes, what do data say about learning in these environments (Matt Hora, Adult and Higher Education).

Summer 2019: “The Teaching Professor”

The roundtable had 10 members in discussion with guest facilitator, Dr. Steve Cramer, Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning. See notes from this roundtable here.

Spring 2019: “Feedback on Teaching”

The roundtable for 20 members began with a presentation by Academy Member Janet Batzli on the current status of peer evaluation, focusing on ongoing efforts to expand and enhance the processes for generating peer feedback on teaching. This was followed by a discussion on guiding principles and key opportunities and potential challenges for peer evaluations.

Fall 2018: “Inclusive teaching practices – What works and what doesn’t work”
This October 17th, 5:-7pm featured Markus Brauer, Psychology, who explores how people’s thought processes, perceptions of others, and behaviors are affected by being members of social categories (e.g., African Americans, gender/sexual minorities). His lab studies both the cognitive processes that are involved in the maintenance of stereotypes and prejudice and also designs and assesses interventions for reducing discrimination and promoting diversity in classrooms (and other settings). He shared with us recent research on evidence-supported inclusive teaching to foster student success.

Spring 2018: “Stuck on how to Make it Stick?”
The April 16th, 5:30-7pm event at Union South featured a relaxed conversation with Peter Brown, author of the influential, evidence-based book Make it Stick. All fellows and future faculty partners of the UW Teaching academy were invited to participate in a conversation with Peter moderated by Vice-Provost for Teaching and Learning, Steve Cramer.

Spring 2017: “Balancing Teaching and Research: Career, Classroom, and Institutional Accountability”
The event occurred on Tuesday April 18th, 2017 from 5:30 to 7:00pm in the Steenbock’s Private Dining area. The Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, Dr. Jo Handelsman, and Associate Professor and MTLE Co-Director, Nick Balster, spoke on the topic of “Balancing Teaching and Research: Career, Classroom, and Institutional Accountability.”

Fall 2016: Future Directions
The first Members Only Event of the school year occurred on October 26, 2016 at the University Club from 5:00pm to 6:30pm, and included light appetizers, a cash bar, and more importantly, provided a space for Fellows and Future Faculty Partners to come together as an entire membership to discuss the mission and direction of the UW-Teaching Academy. The Members Only event included a vote by members on proposed bylaw changes regarding electronic voting by the Executive Committee and membership.