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Summer Institute (TASI)

Summer Institute 2015

Held annually in June since 2000, the Teaching Academy Summer Institute (TASI) is a 4-day immersive workshop for campus educators to design, redesign, or update a course. In structured sessions, TASI facilitators will help you build on your prior experiences, learn from successes and failures, and integrate evidence-based methods to enhance student learning.

At TASI, participants will explore foundations of course planning that emphasize learner-centered instruction and equity-minded practices and apply those foundations to (re)design a course.


If you are interested in helping to plan or facilitate the 2019 Summer Institute, please contact Margene Anderson or Michael Maguire.

PAST Summer Institutes

2018: Our move to the Wendt Commons WisCEL space was well received by our 44 participants who worked on a variety of curriculum design projects from across the University.  View the schedule here.

2017: View the 2017 schedule here.

2016: we had 21 participants. View the 2016 schedule here.

2015: we had 45 participants redesign their courses. Program here.

2014: with a theme of The Four “I”s of Teaching: Intend-Inspire-Innovate-Invest, we had 40 participants reimagining their courses, helped by a small army of facilitators, presenters, and guests! Program here.

2013: with a theme of Teaching to Engage a New Generation of Learners, we had 41 participants engaged in four days of re-envisioning and rebuilding their courses! Program here.

2012: we had 30 instructors designing and reimagining their courses, aided by a host of facilitators, presenters, and guests!

2011: there were 29 instructors re-energizing their courses, sparked by a small army of facilitators, presenters, and guests!

2010: we had 28 Instructors jumping into course redesign, with a little help from facilitators, presenters, and guests! Program here.

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