University of Wisconsin–Madison

Expanding Your Horizons!

What I wanted:

Some fellow female graduate students and I ran a workshop for the Expanding Your Horizons event that occurred on campus on November 8. EYH is an event for young women exploring careers in math and science.

What I tried

We developed a project for the middle school girls in which they broke up into small groups and designed their own video games. They created art and game aesthetics, developed plots, game goals and mechanics, and even looked up sound bytes they would use if they were game designers.

Next time I would…

The girls were engaged and interested in the myriad careers that exist in the game design industry. In fact, they enjoyed this role so much they actually wanted to create their games! In future, I would love to see a component of actual game creation in this workshop, either by limiting the scope to the creation of a board game prototype, or by the incorporation of game design programs such as Scratch or Kodu.

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