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Fall Kickoff Highlights

Thank you to all who attended the 2016 Fall Kickoff!

View the slide deck from the event here. 14444648_245633095838662_1412446134362249159_oJust over 100 educators signed up to meet Friday, September 23 in Gordon Commons to discuss the role of student feedback in improving teaching.

The event focused on listening to know your students and how to implement student feedback into teaching & learning techniques.

The morning started off by looking at the Beloit Mindset List to gain an understanding of the mindset of current undergraduate students. Furthering this idea of listening to students, attendees discussed how they currently gauge student learning, while presenters introduced differing assessment techniques used to effectively gather student input.DSC_0019

The second half of the morning dedicated time to hear from several undergraduate students who rotated from table to table discussing what they would like instructors to know about them and conversely allowed attendees to convey what they would like students to know about them. Many of the undergraduate students are participants of the UW-Teaching Academy program, U-CLaSS.

The event closed with a discussion on peer feedback and how to workshop with faculty both within and outside of one’s own department to better teaching practices.



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