University of Wisconsin–Madison

February 2017 Minutes

UW-Teaching Academy
Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday February 16th, 2017
Middleton Building, Rm 302
1:00pm to 2:30pm

I. Opening Items and Announcements
January minutes unanimously approved.
-Rosemary Russ introducedI.

Opening Items and Announcements

II. New Business

  • Spring Fellows Only Event
    • The ExComm discussed holding the Spring Fellows event on March 27 or 28 and the topic will focus on Accountability and the public university (academic freedom, uniform course eval, post tenure reviews, state budgeting, WI idea). Options for event include WID, Memorial Union new spaces, and the University Club.
  • Program Assistant Position Update    
    • Co chairs met with Janet Bradshaw, who is willing to potentially take on Teaching Academy administrative responsibilities. Future meeting will take place on February 19th for further discussion.
  • Clinical Affiliate Update
    • Dean Petty and the SMPH wanted to create a structure for preceptors to link to the Teaching Academy in their process of continuing professional development for accreditation.
    • Per last ExComm meeting’s discussion, the PFoT committee expressed concern about whether PFoT participants should be included in the affiliate status.
    • Beth M, Sue W., and Adrian T. met with Pat McBride and Jeanette Roberts regarding clinical affiliate status. Jeanette R. offered that someone from the ExComm sit with her to go through the preceptor training requirements to gain better understanding. The SMPH would assess whether clinical affiliates have met/passed standards in home units that reflect participation and the completion of training in teaching. The SMPH will conduct vetting for affiliates and criteria.
    • Many of the SMPH faculty expressed they want increased interaction with the Teaching Academy. Discussed the option of holding one ExComm meeting on other side of campus starting next year.
    • Jeanette offered funding to make our existing events more accessible to preceptors off-campus, like online courses and distance learning.
    • SMPH chose March 15 deadline to receive confirmation on moving forward with the clinical affiliate status. The co-chairs will write to Dean Petty, as the ExComm unanimously approved to move forward. Sue W. and Beth M. could be assigned UW-TA members to work with SMPH.
  • Nomination Committee and Nominations   
    • The Executive Committee discussed including a more thorough description of the Induction Ceremony in award letter, informing new members of the formal setting.
    • Rebecca Summer and Carolyn Liesen are additionally members of the FFP review committee.
    • Committees will report back on selections at the next ExComm meeting.
  • Teaching & Learning Symposium Lunch
    • Funding for the luncheon has been transferred and new affiliate invitations have been sent for luncheon attendance.
    • The planning committee is discussing having the Teaching Academy use 20-30 minutes during the one hour lunch to recognize Affiliates and have 1-2 people share their Teaching & Learning stories. The lunch will be a buffet.
  • LEaP workshops and collaborative programming
    • The next LEaP workshops will take place August 21-22, 2017. During the next academic year, LEaP and the collaborative will work to create ongoing Teaching & Learning events for all members. Molly H. suggested bringing in FFP for presenters.
  • Nominations for Academy Award
    • In efforts to be more transparent and open, an email will be sent out to the membership requesting Academy Award nominees. The ExComm discussed how the award needs to go to someone who has displayed dedication and service to the Teaching Academy. The award cannot be a current ExComm member. This language will be added to the website. Nominations for the award will end on March 10, 2017.

III. Updates and Continued Discussion

  • Winter Reboot Report:
    • The Winter Reboot received positive feedback. The shorter event and guest speaker structure was successful and well-received.
  • U-CLaSS Update    
    • The next U-CLaSS will take place March 8th from 5-6pm in the Chadbourne main lounge. The topic will be Beyond “Rate My Professor” Student Evaluation of Teaching.

Induction Ceremony Date: April 12, 2017 4:30-6:30pm Wisconsin Idea Room, School of Ed.

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