University of Wisconsin–Madison

February 2106 Minutes

Present:  John Martin, Tom DuBois, John Zumbrunnen, Deb Shapiro, Cecelia Klingele, Sue Wenker, Megan Schmid, Molly Harris, and Jamie Henke.
Absent: Adrian Treves, Beth Martin, David Baum, and Katie Robiadek.

Meeting called to order at 2:15pm.

Opening Items
-John moved to approve January minutes. ExComm approved minutes.

New Business
I. Fall Kickoff Planning
-David proposed that the ExComm create a committee for the Fall Kickoff event.
– The ExComm decided that the Fall Kickoff should focus on the UW-TEaCH initiatives, specifically promoting student engagement both inside and outside of class (e.g. student hours/office hours, collaboration with First Year Experience). The event could include a U-CLaSS panel.
-Committee includes Megan Schmid, John Zumbrunnen, Molly Harris, and John Martin.

II. Fellow/FFP Nomination Review Committee
David and Deb asked Jamie, Katie, Molly, John, and Tina Maddock to participate in the FFP review committee. Jamie expressed that she does not want to participate in the FFP review process.
Duncan Carlsmith, John Martin, and Jamie Henke will serve on the Fellow review committee. Tom DuBois has also been asked to serve on the committee.
-Shauntal will reach out to the other TA members to recruit other review committee members.
-Molly Harris is the chair of the FFP review committee, Jamie Henke is the chair for the Fellow review committee.

Updates and Continued Discussion
I. Affiliate Application
– The ExComm discussed the affiliate status and whether the committee voted on the affiliate status being an honor/reward for individuals taking workshops or use said title to “expand the tent” of UW-TA.
-ExComm members relayed various definitions of the affiliate status they voted on. One member discussed how the affiliate status was created out of TA-LeaP and the need for a resume builder, therefore the status needs to have weight and a time commitment piece. Another thought it was a way to increase numbers to get campus recognition, while still having something tied to the title that conveys a certain distinction.
-Members emphasized that being an affiliate should not only be a credential but prompt continued participation.
-Debated whether there should be two categories of affiliates and discussed program participation that would make individuals eligible for affiliate status. The ExComm decided that the criteria should only list TA programs initially, with an additional section that asks for applicants to list other programs they think should qualify as a way to gather applicable information.
– David Baum determined that since there was a lack of clarity surrounding what was voted on, the committee cannot move forward until this confusion is resolved.
-Action Steps: John Martin will create a shared google doc where every ExComm member will write a few sentences about how they view the affiliate status and how the body can use this status effectively.

II. Steve Cramer T&L Report
-The Teaching and Learning Report is in the Teaching Academy Google Drive.

III. TASI 2016
-There were no new updates. The committee is meeting in the next few weeks.

IV. U-CLaSS Update
-U-ClaSS will have another session in the next few weeks. John will reach out to the ExComm about faculty to invite to session.


PFoT will be calling Fellows to join mentor groups. It will not be a widespread call but engage specific departments who have expressed interest.

VI. Teaching Academy Clinical
-Topic deferred due to time constraints.

VII. Active Teaching Lab on Website
– John Martin discussed that the Active Teaching lab is being taken off the Teaching Academy website. The Executive Committee was asked what we should do moving forward regarding the Active Teaching Lab on the website since it prompts most of the website traffic. The co-chairs will speak to Sarah Miller to discuss a possible co-sponsorship through the website and push for keeping Active Teaching Lab on the UW-TA website until the end of school year.

Additional Items:
-An action item concerning White Paper endorsement should be added to the March Agenda.

Move to close 3:15pm.


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