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Get Involved!

5 ways to get involved

  1. Share a Teaching Story: We’ve made it super-easy to share your teaching stories (successes and failures), so others can improve their teaching. Just fill out a form, check the applicable tags, and upload a picture if you have one. We’ll do the formatting and handle the WordPress elements. If you know WordPress and want to add fancier elements to your story, create a post in the SoTL category.
  2. Attend a Teaching & Learning event: any season of the year, you can find an event on teaching and learning, including the Fall Kickoff, the Winter Retreat, the Spring Symposium, and the Summer Institute.
  3. Join a community: UW–Madison is home to many specialized T&L communities, such as ComETS (Community of Educational Technology Support), HEF (Higher Education Forum), Delta, and others.
  4. Already a Fellow or FFP? Tell us what you are interested in! Please fill out this form so we can better collaborate with you to enhance the Teaching and Learning community here at the UW-Teaching Academy.
  5. Talk to each other here: Be on this site, fill out your profile, and help keep the conversations going! Invite your colleagues to join in as well. Since the Teaching Academy isn’t housed in any department, we need your help to keep the site vibrant and relevant. The more folks we get involved here, the better this will be!