University of Wisconsin–Madison

Group Learning in Reproductive Physiology

What I wanted:

Getting students to interact with each other, develop new methods of interaction, and save what they develop for the future.

What I tried

So we assigned students to groups.  The groups vary each week but are reminded they will submit group evaluations in which each student would evaluate themselves and others in the group. They are also told that the evaluations contribute to final grade.  We did not make an attempt to direct how the students would work together but left it up to themselves.  The group evaluations work well in keeping students contributing.  However there were always a few students who did not contribute to the group.  My evaluation system only really works toward the end of the semester.

Next time I would…

I would implement the evaluation at an earlier point in the semester so that students are aware of the outcome.  I would also like them to develop some method of prsenting a type of portfoilio of what they have done during the semester.

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