LEaP: Developing Core Teaching

LEaP stands for Learning Environment and Pedagogics. This program focuses on observing and evaluating the core teaching pedagogy of faculty on the UW-Campus. I-LEaP strives to help faculty explore the art and science of teaching across all disciplines.

The LEaP Institute
The purpose of the curriculum is to foster educational excellence at UW-Madison by empowering educators with fundamental knowledge, practices, habits, learning community, and philosophies that are hallmarks of learner-centered instruction. Educational excellence is defined by active and inclusive courses where students are learning the skills, knowledge, and habits of a literate and conscientious citizenry.

After completing the curriculum participants will…

  1. Feel more confident in the classroom
  2. Have concrete tools to create a successful classroom experience
  3. Be able to avoid common time-sinks and pitfalls
  4. Be grounded in evidenced-based instruction practices
  5. Have a community of peers for ongoing support

Topics covered include:

  • Designing for Learning
  • Active Learning
  • Planning the First Day
  • Syllabus Design
  • Art of Teaching
  • Assessment
  • Assignment Design
  • Teaching with Technology

If you are interested in participating in an I-LEaP institute, please contact Jamie Henke at jamie.henke@wisc.edu for more information.

Participants are invited to the following:

  • October 14, 1-2 pm John Martin, Active Teaching with Technology
  • October 19, 10-11 am Jamie Henke, Creative Teaching Tools: Outside the Standard Tool Box or Even Outside
  • October 26, 10-11 am Beth Martin, Exam Design: Multiple Choice to Essay and Everything in Between
  • October 28, 3-4 pm Julie Johnson, Addressing Student Behaviors:  A Range of Approaches and Outcomes
  • November 2, 10-11 am Brad Hughes, Designing Effective Writing Assignments
  • November 4, 1-2 pm, Casey Gallimore, Tailoring Teaching Strategies to Optimize Student Engagement: Large Versus Small Classrooms
  • November 11, 3-4 pm, Sue Wenker and Trina Mcmahon, What’s Goals Got to Do with Your Course Design? Spend an hour working on your own course design with experts who will help you backward think.
  • November 18, 1-4 pm, Megan Schmid (Madison Teaching & Learning Excellence) and Don Gillian-Daniel (Delta Program in Research, Teaching & Learning) From Implicit Bias to Inclusive Teaching: Having the Real Conversation
  • November 30, 10-11 am, Brad Hughes (Writing Center) Responding to and Evaluating Student Writing
  • December 2, 3-4 pm, Jason Hansen, Time for Reflection: Share Your Semester Experiences with Teaching and Learning