University of Wisconsin–Madison

January 2017 Minutes

UW-Teaching Academy
Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday January 19th, 2017
Middleton Building, Rm 302
1:00pm to 2:30pm

I. Opening Items and Announcements
Minutes approved from December Meeting.
-Announcements: Rosemary Russ has accepted to be a part of the ExComm.

II. New Business
1. LEAP Workshops
Discussed the idea of adding more sessions throughout the year with the help of the Collaborative. These one hour sessions could be offered to everyone. Jamie and John will discuss this idea with the Collaborative.

2. Program Assistant Replacement
Co-chairs met with Steve Cramer regarding the Collaborative sharing a full-time staff member to perform administrative work for the TA. The ExComm approved for the co-chairs to explore this as an option, rather than hiring a graduate student in a Program Assistant role.

3. Clinical Affiliate Update
Sue W. and Adrian T. asked if the ExComm could confirm interest in developing the clinical affiliate collaboration by February 15th. ExComm confirmed they are interested but agreed there should be standards for affiliates, with said details being confirmed at a later time. Affiliates should complete training and actively apply information to teaching. Agenda item for next ExComm includes a vote on specified teaching workshops.

4. Induction Ceremony and Nomination Committees
Fellow review committee includes Deb Shapiro, Jamie Henke, Duncan Carlsmith, Michael Maguire, and David Baum.
-The FFP Committee is comprised of Molly H., Jason H., John M., and Joe Sepe.
-The ExComm discussed holding the Induction Ceremony on either April 19th or 20th 4:30pm to 6:00pm. At the next ExComm meeting, nominations for the Academy Award will be discussed.

5. Teaching & Learning Symposium Lunch
The UW-TA will announce affiliates at the T&L Symposium. Affiliates include TASI, PFoT, and LEaP participants. Shauntal will send email inviting TASI participants and PFoT members.
-The lunch planning committee met in early December and decided to shorten the lunch from an hour. They discussed having individuals share short compelling stories of Academy impact on their teaching.

6. FFP Happy Hour and Brown Bags
FFP brown bags will occur once a month. The next brown bag is February 13, 2017. Molly and Jason asked if the FFP could have their own budget line item moving forward.

III. Updates and Continued Discussion
1. Spring Fellows Only Event
The proposed dates for the Spring Fellows Event include March 13-15 or 27-28.

2. U-CLaSS Update
Evaluation of Teaching U-CLaSS session will occur soon.

Close at 2:32pm

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