University of Wisconsin–Madison

January 2016 Minutes

Present: Adrian Treves, John Martin, Deb Shapiro, Cecelia Klingele, Sue Wenker, David Baum, Megan Schmid, Molly Harris, Beth Martin, and Jamie Henke.
Absent: Tom DuBois, John Zumbrunnen, and Katie Robiadek.

Opening Items
-December minutes were approved.

New Business
I. New ExComm Member Discussion
– The ExComm agreed that they will hold off on new membership discussions until May.
-Discussed the need to select a co-chair replacement for Deb Shapiro in May.

II. Small Group Instructional Diagnosis
-The ExComm discussed the Small Group Instructional Diagnosis model and its potential application to PFoT. In this model, the instructor asks a SGID trainer to facilitate discussion in their classroom. Students are broken up into small groups where they are asked to discuss what aspects of teaching are working and then come to a group consensus on what feedback they present to the instructor.
-The ExComm agreed that PFoT could provide orientation/trainings for individuals interested in becoming a SGID class facilitator.

Updates and Continued Discussion
I.Teaching Academy Affiliate
-The ExComm reviewed John Martin’s Affiliate document and discussed the purpose of having an affiliate position for individuals who do not meet current fellow/FFP guidelines, but are still passionate about teaching and learning.
– The ExComm proposed having two separate affiliate groups: clinical affiliate and general affiliate. The clinical affiliate position would help cater to those individuals who teach in the non-classroom clinical setting. The general affiliate position could be a three year finite term and a CV builder, whereas the creation of the clinical affiliate would help generate a place where clinical faculty/staff could access new training opportunities.
– The general affiliate position was approved unanimously by the ExComm. Qualifying criteria for affiliate membership includes participation in MTLE trainings, I-LEaP, TA-LEaP, TASI, DELTA courses, Teach Online, and other teaching workshops on campus. Once an affiliate, the UW-TA would encourage continued participation through T&L events. Shauntal and John will work to create a Qualtrics form on the website for affiliate “applications.”
– For the clinical affiliate, Beth, Adrian, and Sue will re-meet with Dean Petty and additionally reach out to the Law School, School of Social Work, and School of Human Ecology to gauge interest.

Adrian and Deb have been attending meetings since October.
-Steve Cramer is going to form representative council including UW-TA, DELTA, WISCSCI, DCS, cross campus advising, MTLE, Morgridge. The groups who are currently on the council are not guaranteed lifetime membership.
-The aim of the council is to reduce duplication of services offered in T&L.
-Steve Cramer guaranteed the UW-TA budgets for next year, but future budget cuts or consolidation will lead to some orgs not existing anymore under the T&L umbrella.

III. Winter Retreat Debrief
-David and Deb gave a brief overview of the Winter Retreat. Reported that individuals seemed excited about the course evaluation topic. David suggested the UW-TA send out an email asking for additional feedback on the White Paper with a cut off date of February 15th.
-John Martin raised the issue that the UW-TA needs to revise its email mailing lists for the distribution of communications content.

IV. TASI 2016
The planning committee met for the first time in January. They went over ideas from alumni luncheons and TASI feedback. No theme has been established, but the next meeting will focus on programming.

V. U-CLaSS Update
U-CLaSS has an upcoming meeting on January 29. The Chadbourne Residential College, First Year Experience, and Teaching Academy are working to figure out how to broaden the program beyond dorms and younger undergraduates.
-The ExComm discussed the potential benefit of making digital stories of the students to put on the UW-TA website.

Other Business
I. T&L Symposium
– The Teaching Academy submitted poster proposals to the T&L Symposium for the Active Teaching Lab, PFoT, and UW-TEaCH.

II. Fellow and FFP Application
– David suggested revamping the current Fellow and FFP application to allow campus teaching award recipients to submit complete teaching nomination packet, as opposed to submitting separate documents under the current application structure.

Move to close: 3:29pm

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