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LEaP: Developing Core Teaching


The LEaP Institute
The purpose of the curriculum is to foster educational excellence at UW-Madison by empowering educators with fundamental knowledge, practices, habits, learning community, and philosophies that are hallmarks of learner-centered instruction. Educational excellence is defined by active and inclusive courses where students are learning the skills, knowledge, and habits of a literate and conscientious citizenry.

After completing the curriculum participants will…

  1. Feel more confident in the classroom
  2. Have concrete tools to create a successful classroom experience
  3. Be able to avoid common time-sinks and pitfalls
  4. Be grounded in evidenced-based instruction practices
  5. Have a community of peers for ongoing support


  • Designing for Learning
  • Active Learning
  • Planning the First Day
  • Syllabus Design
  • Art of Teaching
  • Assessment
  • Assignment Design
  • Teaching with Technology


2019 TA-LEaP (for graduate student teaching assistants) Tuesday August 20 – Wednesday August 21 from 9:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at room 2317 Engineering Hall.

2019 I-LEaP (for academic staff, instructional staff, faculty) Thursday August 22 – Friday August 23 from 9:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at room 2317 Engineering Hall.

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If you are interested in participating in an I-LEaP institute, please contact Jamie Henke,, for more information or follow this link. Academy members central to this effort include: Barb King, Trina McMahon, Chris Dakes, Sue Wenker, Beth Martin, Tim Paustian, and John Booske.


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