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Let’s Talk About TAs

UCLASS Teaching Assistants

U-CLaSS Chat: “Let’s Talk about (and with) Teaching Assistants”

TAWhen: Thursday, May 5th (Food arrives 12:15; Discussion 12:30-1:30pm)

Where: Chadbourne Residence Hall Main Lounge

What: U-CLaSS chats bring students and faculty together to talk about shared challenges and opportunities in teaching & learning. Chats are designed to allow students to share their experiences and perspectives with faculty. Faculty play a listening role, hearing from students about what works and doesn’t work both inside the classroom and beyond.

This U-CLaSS chat will focus on the partnership between faculty, teaching assistants and students.  Faculty and teaching assistants will be on hand looking for student input on how to make that partnership more effective.  How can faculty and teaching assistants work together to communicate clearly with students, respond to student concerns and enhance student learning?

We hope you’ll come share your perspective. Please RSVP at

**U-CLaSS is an initiative of the UW Teaching Academy.  This chat is co-sponsored by Chadbourne Residential College**

U-CLaSS, the Undergraduate Chat, Learn, and Share Space works to create a shared space for students and instructors to engage in pedagogical discussion about, and facilitate undergraduate research in, teaching and learning. Check out the March 4, 2016 discussion “From Office Hours to Student Hours.”

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