University of Wisconsin–Madison

March 2017 Minutes

UW-Teaching Academy
Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday March 16th, 2017
Middleton Building, Rm 304
1:00pm to 2:30pm

Present: David Baum, Jamie Henke, John Zumbrunnen, Rosemary Russ, John Martin, Jason Hansen, Deb Shapiro, Molly Harris, Adrian Treves, Sue Wenker.

I. Opening Items and Announcements

  1. February Minutes were unanimously approved.
  2. Announcements
    1. The Dean Petty March 17th meeting was cancelled and will be rescheduled.
    2. John M. created an ExComm Office 365 Group. He sent out an email to the group with the group address.

II. New Business

Spring Fellows Only Event

      1. The new date for the Spring Members Only Event will be April 18, 2017 and the UW-TA can invite new Fellows/FFPs to attend a week after induction. Shauntal will research event location availability in Steenbock Private Dining space.
      2. The ExComm decided on the theme of Balancing Teaching and Research: Career, Classroom, and Institutional Accountability. There was discussion around more clearly addressing the issue of quality teaching v. quantity of teaching in the current political climate, as well as how to balance teaching and research.
      3. The Executive Committee discussed potential speakers. David B. reached out to Jo Handelman, the new director of WID, and will contact Nick Balster. Nick will potentially focus more on the accountability, mandates from central government, and alternative facts pieces. The format will include two 20 min each presentations and then a discussion.

Program Assistant Position Update

  1. Jamie H. and John Z. updated the committee on the progress of the PA position transitioning to a staff position. Steve Cramer is on board and the position, in the future, would include more functions for the entire Collaborative and WiscSci.
  2. The UW-TA will potentially save $6K, which can be put back into Teaching Academy programming. The ExComm discussed renegotiating that the UW-TA only pay for for 33.3% of the allocation, as the staff position will be split between the Collaborative. The creation of a tool for PFoT would be included in part of the new position’s responsibility.
  3. John M. advocated to include Linda Jorn in conversation, to maintain the relationship with Academic Technology.

Fellow and FFP Nominations/Applications

    1. Induction Ceremony Date: April 12, 2017 4:30-6:30pm Wisconsin Idea Room
    2. 18 new Fellows and 15 new FFPs accepted.
    3. The FFP Review committee made recommendations including (1) clarifying what should be in the personal statement (what people want to get out of teaching v. what they have accomplished), (2) making nominations mandatory, due to self-nominations lacking perspectives from colleagues or superiors, (3) having letters of rec sent separately so they are confidential, (4) designating a page limit for teaching statements, (5) differentiating what is expected from a Fellow v. FFP, and (5) evaluating the value of the interest inventory.
    4. The ExComm suggested that the committees meet one more time before the end of Spring Semester with recommendations for application and review rubric changes.
  1. Nominations for Academy Award
    1. The Executive Committee voted on Academy Award nominees: Beth Martin, Erica Halverson, Megan Schmid, Hazel Symonette, Tim Paustian, Greg Moses, and Trina McMahon.
    2. Beth Martin received the majority of votes and will receive the Academy Award in 2017.

III. Updates and Continued Discussion

  • PFoT: May 30-31st planning meeting will occur.
  • U-CLaSS Update:
    1. U-CLaSS event took place March 8th with the theme “Rate my Professor.” Ten students and ten instructors attended. Students expressed that it seems that when they fill out teaching evals they are writing into a void. They felt that it did not really matter if they filled them out or not. Faculty explained to students why it does matter. Both determined that making results available to students in some way would be beneficial.
    2. John Z. discussed potential steps on how to make U-CLaSS more institutionalized: undergraduate teaching scholars, classroom observations, etc.
    3. The L&S task force on Teaching and Learning excellence recommended creating an undergraduate teaching scholars program to the dean, which could pair with U-CLaSS.
  • TASI Update: John M. updated the committee on how TASI 2017 will use the planning committee members as active consultants during the 4-day event. As consultants, individuals can then provide Flash Talks during work time. TASI 2017 will focus on the Universal Design framework.
  • T&L Symposium Lunch: Next planning meeting will take place on 4/10. Sue W. left before the ExComm could discuss the luncheon. At least ten TASI participants and 5 LEaP participants have responded that they will attend the luncheon as new affiliates.
  • LEaP Programs: The workshops will take place August 23-24, 2017. The Program Assistant will send out email to Department Chairs and eventually Teaching Academy membership. David B. recommended that the email to forward started with: “Dear Chair, Please forward this onto your teaching assistants, faculty, etc.”

Action Items:

  • Shauntal will start compiling an Attendance of Events by Year document.
  • Fellow and FFP application review committees will meet one more time in Spring to make recommendations for application criteria and application process revisions.
  • Add Fellow and FFP application criteria and evaluation to next agenda.
  • Jamie and John set up meeting with Linda Jorn from Academic Technology regarding transitioning PA position to Collaborative staff.
  • Success story from UW-TA member for T&L Symposium Lunch?

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