University of Wisconsin–Madison

May 2017 Minutes

UW-Teaching Academy 
Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday, May 11, 2017
Middleton Building, Rm 302
1:00pm to 2:30pm

Present: Jamie Henke, John Zumbrunnen, John Martin, Molly Harris, Thomas Dubois, Sue Wenker, Carolyn Liesen, and David Baum.

I. Opening Items and Announcements

  1. Minutes approved from April Meeting
  2. Renewal terms for Sue W. and Adrian T unanimously approved.
  3. Announcements
    • The ExComm discussed whether the Teaching Academy should focus on the New Wisconsin Experience at the Fall Kickoff, connecting it to ELOs, syllabi standards, and course outcomes.
    • David B. motioned, Jamie H. seconded, to send Steve Cramer a statement from the Teaching Academy requesting the reordering of the Wisconsin Experience, moving empathy and humility from its first place position on the list.

II. New Business

  1. Collaborative Shadow Program with DELTA
    • DELTA has received requests for individuals to shadow others on campus. The ExComm discussed whether the UW-TA would like to be involved moving forward, sending Teaching Academy members for shadowing. It was decided that the Teaching Academy supports the Collaborative Shadow, as it aligns with PFoT.
    • The UW-TA will announce at the Fall Kickoff that this will be an option for the 2017-2018 year. The UW-TA will need to set up criteria around goals and objectives of the Shadow Program, outlining who will benefit from the shadowing (graduate students, faculty, academic staff).
  2. Teaching Academy and WID Joint Program
    • Jo Handelsman has expressed interest in creating a joint program between the UW-TA and WID. This program will likely take place in Spring 2018 and could broaden the reach of the teaching academy to other parts of campus, like the hard sciences.
  3. ExComm Members and FFP representation.
    • The ExComm discussed new members and FFP representation. The by-laws state that “Candidates for the EC may nominate themselves or be nominated by Members. The current EC elects new EC members by a majority vote of a quorum.”
    • The ExComm will make an announcement to membership at large, allowing for ExComm self-nominations or nominations. Individuals will have to provide a written statement and the email to membership should be transparent about the expectation of said individuals attending monthly meetings.
    • The nominations will be submitted on Google Forms and will include name, contact information, and faculty or instructional staff designation. The nominations will be due on May 31, 2017.
    • Once individuals have been nominated, they will then fill out a separate form/survey that provides further information on what is included in being a part of the ExComm and asks which UW-TA activities interest said individual.
    • The new members will serve three year terms and the current executive committee will make ultimate decision. The second form will be due July 1, 2017.
    • A small group will meet in July to go over the nominees.
  4. Affiliate Qualifications (John Z., Jamie, Adrian T.)
    • Adrain asked whether attending a certain number of Active Teaching Labs or other Academy events might indicated affiliate level participation in the campus T&L community.
    • Jamie H. made motion to discuss at next ExComm meeting due to Adrian’s absence.
  5. Fall Kickoff Committee:
    • The theme will focus on the Wisconsin Experience and Relentless curiosity.
    • Shauntal will send out an email to membership to help plan.
    • John M. and Deb S. will lead the Fall Kickoff Committee.
    • Shauntal will look up availability in Varsity Hall/Gordon Commons/Memorial Union on Sept 15, 29 or Oct 6.

III. Updates and Continued Discussion

  1. Program Assistant Position
    • PVL should be moving forward by May 22nd. The position will be hosued in WiscSci.
  2. Nominations and Member Application Review SubCommittee
    • David Baum and Carolyn will also participate in the review subcommittee. John Z. will send out a Doodle Poll for early June availability. The subcommittee will use Google Team Drive to store all changes to the nominations process.
  3. TASI Update
    • TASI has up to 60 individuals attending. The budget and food are set.
    • John M. will be leading Teaching Effectively in Canvas workshops at the end of May on how to apply good learning practices in Canvas.
  4. U-CLaSS Update
    • John Z. sent out general call to membership and 8 individuals responded, both Fellows and FFPs. This group met on May 10, 2017 and started discussing ideas on how to make U-CLaSS worthwhile for students, including both leadership and participation.
    • The group discussed creating a multi-media journal based on an issue, where faculty and students could write a white paper together, create blog posts, videos,or podcasts. U-CLaSS could help create a publication that would involve input from students/faculty together, which students could then use as a resume item. The publication could be put on the Teaching Academy Website and potentially U-CLaSS students could post their own articles on the site.
    • The group additionally discussed how to incentivize students through residence halls and by inviting students from classes.
    • In addition to the publication and articles, U-CLaSS could hold a poster day, where students could present their ideas rather than publishing. Similar to the Teaching and Learning Symposium poster session.
  5. T&L Symposium Lunch
    • John M. is working on PowerPoint with Sheila outlining the various professional development events on campus. Shauntal will buy a plant for Beth, the Academy Award winner.
  6. LEaP Program
    • TA-LEaP will take place August 21-22 and I-LEaP will occur August 23-24.

IV. Other Business

  1. Fellows Only Events in the Fall.
    • Fellows Only Events should occur once a semester, as a meeting with the entire membership body. If the event has a speaker, they should present before the social hour, allowing for more discussion time. Start earlier, socialize later.
    • Event should have more of a Ted Talk/Flash talk format. Future events could include inviting members to give 5 min talks about their teaching.
    • The ExComm discussed having a Members Only Event Subcommittee. John Z. will ask for interest from wider membership. He will send out an email asking for  Interest in Fall Kickoff, Interest in Members Only Event, and Nominations for ExComm.
  2. Clinical Affiliate Status meeting with Dean Petty. May 22, 2017.
  3. PFoT Meeting will take place May 30 8:30-12 and May 31 8:30-12.

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