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Archived — Peer Feedback on Teaching (PFoT)

WelcomePeer Feedback on Teaching (PFoT)  is a collection of resources to support the campus-wide Teaching and Learning community. Instructors will find tools to be paired with stories they share about what they’ve tried, successes and failures, and feedback from peers, in order to help develop and improve teaching.

Getting Started: New to the Teaching and Learning community? No problem! Below are some helpful strategies and resources to get you started.

  • Designing a Peer Feedback Program: This wealth of guiding questions can provide a framework to situate departmental thinking on the role that peer feedback on teaching could play to improve teaching.
  • Collaborative Course Development: It can be helpful to think about engaging in peer feedback even prior to the start of the semester. One successful approach is to work together with fellow instructors and colleagues to develop a plan for the course, and share teaching strategies throughout the semester.
  • Student Interviews: During and after the semester, feedback can come not only from colleagues, but from the students too. Talking to them individually or in groups can offer insights into their perceptions of how your teaching helped them learn as well their perceptions of what your teaching helped them learn.
  • Teaching Circles: A working group of peers who meet face to face to discuss and share resources around common issues will strengthen teaching for those involved, and can even improve the teaching community for those who are not!
  • Mentorship: Knowing you don’t have to go it alone, having someone who can lead you down the right path, or being someone who can provide that for another can be crucial to improving the teaching of everyone involved. These relationships can last years and have drastic beneficial impacts more wide reaching than just teaching.

The Peer Feedback on Teaching (P-FoT)  pages are undergoing continual updates to better support the new community (contact John Martin with questions).