University of Wisconsin–Madison

Students and Seniors at Camp Randall

What I wanted

I wanted to connect nursing students from UW with seniors from the community, so that both would benefit. I learned that my community partner Waterford in Fitchburg, was offering a tour of Camp Randall for their residents. Many residents there are  Badgers who haven’t been able to get to a game for years. Others have lived in Madison a long time, but have never even been to campus, much less to Camp Randall. This was going to be a meaningful experience for them, maybe even fulfilling an end-o

What I tried

To make this happen required lots of coordination:

    • The activity director at Waterford coordinated transportation for residents and tour scheduling
    • I coordinated my students and coordinated our class learning experiences so they were prepared
    • We needed 10 wheelchairs, which came several different places, and some had to be transported there- in my mom’s wheelchair accessible van.

It was a lot of work, but incredibly successful! Residents were thrilled. Students posted reflective statements on my course Facebook page that were very enthusiastic, as well as showing how challenging and meaningful this experience was, and what they learned about how inaccessible Camp Randall can be. Several said that I should do this again with every class.

Next time I would…

I would bring more wheelchairs for some whose walking was more limited. Otherwise, I think it was a great success!

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