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2015 Summer Institute

TASI2015 pic day 1

The Teaching Academy held its 15th Annual Summer Institute on Teaching and Learning, a four day boot-camp to improve your teaching. We looked at who our students are, what our teaching goals are, how to build a great course, and how to take it forward. See the Schedule and Resources below. Program here.

The Institute was held June 1–4, 2015 at the peaceful UW-Madison Arboretum – a great place to reflect on teaching and rejuvenate your passion for education. The Institute offered faculty and instructional staff the opportunity to:

  • design a new course or redesign an existing one, either individually or collaboratively;
  • meet and network with organizations (DoIT Academic Technology, UW-Libraries, the Writing Center) from across campus;
  • transform teaching (e.g. via technology, community building, and classroom innovation);
  • meet and interact with individuals across the campus passionate about teaching, and
  • learn new tools and approaches that can enhance your classroom or online teaching.

To provide a small group of faculty, instructional staff, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows an all-too-rare opportunity for professional reflection and renewal in a collegial atmosphere. We will learn new teaching innovations while engaging in conversations relevant to the broader issues affecting higher education today. A team of UW-Madison faculty/instructional staff who can provide skills and resources on teaching and learning will serve as facilitators.

Throughout the week, we expanded our reach beyond the campus boundaries and discussed evidence-based principles of teaching and learning that can support innovative education designs that are relevant to our learners. The week provided a platform to innovate and transform learning within the classroom through a combination of interactive sessions, panel discussions, one-on-one consultations with experts, and individual work time. During project work time, there were a number of short workshops on specific classroom concerns that participants may choose to attend.


Day 1: Know Your Student — Monday, June 1

Time Topic
8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Welcome and introductions — Tom & Sue
8:45 Opening remarks — Steve Cramer, Vice-Provost for Teaching and Learning
9:00 Plenary 1: Why Student Development Matters (slides) — Megan Schmid (MTLE) & Ashley Viager (CFYE)
9:45 Group Photo — Luiz Lopes
10:00 Plenary 2: UW-Madison and The Wisconsin Idea: Perspectives from “Out-State” Citizens, Students and Families (slides) Kathy Cramer (Morgridge Center)
10:45 Break
11:00 Plenary 3: “What Engages Me in the Classroom?” Let’s Hear from our Students — John Martin (DoIT Academic Technology), and six awesome students!
11:45 Lunch
12:30 Work on project posters with “knowing your students” in mind
1:00 Elevator speeches 1 — John Martin (DoIT Academic Technology)
1:30 Project time
4:00 Wrap up/evaluations/homework (watch Erica’s video)

Day 2: The Iterative Process/How Tos — Tuesday, June 2

Time Topic
8:00 Breakfast (see Erica’s video)
8:45 Check-in — Tom & Sue
9:00 UBDPlenary 1: Backward design + learning goals. Video: Educational Innovation at UW-Madison: The “Backward Design” Framework (9:36) Erica Halverson. Basics of  Wiggins and McTighe’s Understanding by Design (2006), coupled with assessment (formal vs. informal & formative vs summative)ubd2ubd_priorities
9:45 Project time
11:00 Plenary 2: First-Wave Performance and Response Adey Assefa, Willie Ney, Sean Medlin, Taylor Scott, Joseph Verge, Malcolm Halsey-Milhaupt, Myriha Burton
11:45 Lunch & Taste of UW (part 1)  Grab the “5 simple things you can do…” flyers. — Madison Teaching & Learning Excellence – Megan Schmid; Teaching Academy – Debra Shapiro; CoMETs–Catherine Stephens; Library Instruction–Diana Wheeler; Learning Support Services–Jonathan Klein; Delta Program – Don Gillian-Daniel, Jessica Maher; Writing Across the Curriculum – Brad  Hughes; Office of Service Learning & Community-based Research–Tess Arenas; DesignLab–Rosemary Bodolay
12:45 Plenary 3: Asset Based Pedagogy: Interdisciplinary, Relevant, Affirming (IRA) — Tess Arenas (materials)
1:30 Project time
1:30 Optional Session: Five proven ways to design writing assignments that help students achieve learning objectives in your courses — Brad Hughes (Writing Center)
3:15 Plenary 4: Growth Mindset as a Mindfulness Practice for All of Us:  Working it for inclusive excellence and student success — Hazel Symonette (Student Success Institute)
4:00 Wrap up/evaluations

Day 3: Building Your Projects — Wednesday, June 3

Time Topic
8:00 Breakfast
8:45 Check-in — Tom & Sue
9:00 Project time
11:00 Plenary 1 (Panel): Resources when needed — Morton Ann Gernsbacher, Psychology and Committee on Access and Accommodation in Instruction; Davíd Lacocque, University Health Services; Jean VanDenBogart, Campus Police; Lori Berquam, Dean of Students
11:45 Lunch & Taste of UW (part 2) — Testing and Evaluation Services (Jim Wollack and Sonya Sedivy); Campus Police (Jean VanDenBogart, West Campus Community Officer);University Health Services (Davíd Lacocque); TeachonLine@UW (Karen Skibba, Kari Jordahl, and Mark Millard); Teaching Academy UW-TEACH  (Jamie Henke); Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Funding/ the McNair Scholars program (Maya Holtzman); The BioCommons/ Steenbock Library (Jessica Newman & Aaron Miller)
12:45 Project time & consultation
1:00 Concurrent Session: Effective and efficient ways to respond to and evaluate your students’ writing projects — Brad Hughes (Writing Center)
4:00 Wrap up/evaluations

Day 4: Sharing Out — Thursday, June 4

Time Topic
8:00 Breakfast
8:45 Check-in — Tom & Sue
9:00 Project time & prepare for presentation
10:00 Project presentations 1 (5 minutes per group)
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Project Presentations 2 (5 minutes per group)
2:00 Break
2:15 Closing Plenary: Adventure Learning: Education from the Outside In — Natalie Warren, Wild River Academy
4:00 Wrap up and well wishes/certificates
*and “Save the Date” for the Fall Luncheon Reunion on Tuesday, September 15, 12:30-1:30 (Location TBD)
4:30 Debriefing meeting

For more information, please contact the TASI 2015 co-chairs:

Thomas DuBois ( or Phone: 262-2090
Sue Wenker ( or Phone: 265-8619

Planning committee: 
Tom DuBois (co-organizer), Sue Wenker (co-organizer), Debra Shapiro, Brad Hughes, Chris Lupton, John Martin, John Parrish, Susan Nossal, Andrea Williams, Diana Wheeler, Sheila Stoeckel, Tess Arenas, Michael Maguire, Rosemary Bodolay, Kim Peterson, Margene Anderson, Elisabeth Miller, Michael Pitterle, Weili Zhao

The 2015 Teaching Academy Summer Institute is co-sponsored by UW-Teaching Academy, Office of the Provost, DoIT Department of Academic Technology, UW-Madison Writing Center, UW libraries, the Delta Program, and Office of Service Learning and Community Based Research.

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