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Teaching in Sterling CLC (You can in Spring)

There is still space available for Spring 2015! So, if you are interested in teaching your course in Sterling Hall CLC this spring, please email WisCEL at <>, then fill out the application found at: as soon as possible.

I’ve been teaching in this space (Sterling 3425) this semester (Fall 2014), and it is wonderful for active teaching! Students sit around six Pods — each with power, dual portable whiteboards, a big screen collaborative monitor, and a Hokki stool (which is amazing for helping wiggly people concentrate!). Sterling3425stools And, of course, there’s a projector and screen and classroom control console for the instructor as well, that looks like a jet cockpit but is actually pretty easy to control. Any pod’s monitor can be shared on the main screen, or the main screen can take over the pod monitors, etc. I like to put instructions on the main screen and let each pod work collaboratively on their pod. For more of what I do in the course, check out my course WordPress site.Sterling console


The Hokki Stool wobbles. I love it.

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