University of Wisconsin–Madison

2016 LEaP Update

LEaP is a core pedagogy program that introduce a variety of teaching techniques for instructors, teaching assistants, and graduate students. The range of this year’s participant disciplines included languages, food science, kinesiology, nursing, engineering, psychology, communication arts, computer sciences, as well as classics and history. Concepts introduced included:

  • How Learning Works
  • Active Learning Techniques
  • First Day of Class and Syllabus Techniques
  • Assignment Design
  • Rubrics and Assessment
  • The Art of Teaching (as developed from 20+ years of student evaluation data at UW-Madison)

Prior to the workshop, many participants rated their familiarity with LEaP program content as novice. After the workshop, when asked about the same concepts, 92% of participants rated themselves as having moderate to high ability in every area. In addition, 100% of participants said they would recommend the program to a colleague.

Participants described LEaP as:

LEAP“Being a great whirlwind introduction to a broad range of teaching techniques  . . . my capacity for good teaching improved by leaps and bounds before I even started the term thanks to this quick course.”

“Exceeding expectations.”

“Providing concrete tools and actual strategies to use in the classroom.”

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