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The various teaching communities on the UW Madison CampusUW TEaCH (Teaching, Exploration, and Collaboration Habitat) is a place to improve teaching and learning through collaborative interdisciplinary exchanges between faculty, graduate instructors and undergraduates. For more information on the origins of UW-TEaCH, see the following one-sheet. 

The idea for the UW-TEaCH program originated with Jamie Henke, a Distinguished Faculty Associate and Teaching Academy member. Through her collaborations within OPID (The UW-System Office of Professional and Instructional Development), Dr. Henke became aware of different teaching and learning interactions across the UW-System  as well as the teaching development program created at Lund University in Sweden. The idea of a center didn’t fit the environment here on the UW-Madison campus, so Jamie proposed a ‘habitat’ to the Teaching Academy Executive Committee. She generated the ideas for three of the programs in this habitat: teacher development (I-LEaP and TA-LEaP), along with student and teacher interaction (U-CLaSS.) The Teaching Academy was already in the process of exploring peer feedback under the leadership of Janet Batzli, Erica Halverson, Chris Dakes and Beth Martin. Jamie invited Associate Professor Beth Martin, a fellow member of the Teaching Academy Executive Committee to create PFoT, the peer feedback on teaching program of UW-TEaCH. Together Henke and Martin were awarded an OPID grant to fund the UW-TEaCH pilot project. Teams of Teaching Academy members were formed to create the content for each program. The Teaching Academy will complete the pilots for all of these programs in 2015-2016 and plans to launch the official programs in Fall of 2016.

If you are interested in any of the UW-TEaCH, initiatives, please contact Jamie Henke at


Instructor Learning Environment and Pedagogics

Instructor – Learning Environment and PedagogicsCore teaching pedagogy program for all instructors led by Teaching Academy Fellows. Explore the art and science of teaching across all disciplines.

TA Learning Environment and Pedagogics at UW Madison

TALearning Environment and Pedagogics: Core teaching pedagogy program for all Teaching Assistants led by Teaching Academy Fellows. Mentoring and peer feedback will be provided by Teaching Academy Future Faculty Partners.

Peer Feedback on Teaching at UW Madison

Peer Feedback on Teaching: A network to facilitate formative or summative reviews of instructional approaches and actively solicit a peer exchange of ideas on how to improve student learning.

Undergraduate Chat, Learn and Share Space at UW Madison

Undergraduate – Chat, Learn, and Share Space: A shared space for students and instructors to engage in pedagogical discussions about, and facilitate undergraduate research in, teaching and learning.


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