University of Wisconsin–Madison

Feedback on Teaching

Feedback on Teaching (FoT) program is evolving as a campus-wide invitation to provide a formative or summative review of a colleague’s instructional approaches, and to actively solicit a peer exchange of ideas on how to improve student learning.


If you are interested in participating in FoT and would like to see other individuals on campus who are also interested, please fill in your information here. For privacy purposes, please use your wisc email.

Fri 03.29.2019: Self-Assessing Your Teaching: Join us at an Active Teaching Lab on Feedback on Teaching! What happens in your classroom? How can you improve it? Register


UW-TEACH: UW-TEaCH pilot programs were created with 2015 OPID funds. The programs were developed by experienced Teaching Academy Fellows and Future Faculty Partners from across disciplines targeting mentorship, instructional workshops and engaging student voices to improve teaching and learning.

The initial pilot consisted of two workshops and peer feedback sessions for “teaching mentors.”

  • Workshop 1: “Perspectives, Tools and Strategies for PFoT” explored observation tools using teaching video examples. Mentors were matched with mentees (early career faculty) and conducted classroom observations.
  • Workshop 2: “Managing & Delivering Feedback on Teaching” supported mentors in collectively determining the most critical aspects of the observations to communicate back to mentees.

Feedback showed high satisfaction and value ratings, with additional comments: “validated my teaching,” “brings legitimacy to me and my [teaching] techniques,” and “I learned techniques from my mentee that I will attempt.”

Earlier work: Previous work by the Teaching Academy on Peer Feedback on Teaching can be found here.