University of Wisconsin–Madison

Distinguished Member Awards

The Teaching Academy offers two annual awards: the Distinguished Fellow Award and the Distinguished Future Faculty Partner Award.

Recipients are awarded based on demonstrated sustained excellence in teaching and learning on the UW-Madison campus and dedicated service to the Teaching Academy.  A small financial award accompanies this recognition. Teaching Academy award recipients cannot be current Executive Committee members.

Nomination and Selection Process:

Check back for 2020 nomination information.

Nominations closed on Feb 9th 2019,  nominees were notified and requested to submit a brief statement by March 10th, 2019.

  • Candidates will be nominated by current UW-Madison Teaching Academy Fellows and Future Faculty Partners or by self-nomination.
  • Interested nominees will be required to submit a brief statement (250-500 words) describing the specific activities that demonstrate sustained excellence in teaching and learning and dedicated service to the Teaching Academy, as well as an explanation for why the nominee believes they deserve the award.  
  • The Teaching Academy Executive Committee, comprised of both Fellows and Future Faculty Partners, will review the nomination materials and select the recipient of each award based on the nominees’ statements.
  • Current Executive Committee members are not eligible for these awards.

The awards will be presented to the recipients during the Teaching Academy Induction ceremony in April.  The recipients will also be invited to speak at the Teaching and Learning Symposium Luncheon in May.

Past award recipients include:

  • Katherine Robiadek (FFP) – 2019
  • Michel Wattiaux – 2018
  • Kurt Kuehne (FFP) – 2018
  • Beth Martin – 2017
  • Sarah Miller – 2016
  • Janet Batzli – 2015
  • Nick Balster – 2014
  • Chris Lupton – 2013
  • John DeLamater – 2012
  • Jeff Henriques – 2011
  • Lillian Tong – 2010
  • Sandy Courter – 2009