University of Wisconsin–Madison


Fellowship in the Teaching Academy is an honor bestowed on individuals who have demonstrated teaching excellence, are recognized and nominated by their peers, and are committed to advancing the mission of the Academy. Fellows have a minimum of three years of experience as an educator at UW-Madison and have been formally recognized by their peers as having:

  1. demonstrated teaching excellence
  2. demonstrated substantial service or leadership in education at UW-Madison, and
  3. expressed a willingness to be active participants in Teaching Academy events and governance
The Teaching Academy is now seeking nominations to select teacher-scholars as Fellows in the Teaching Academy at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Nominees should be outstanding faculty or staff actively involved in teaching on this campus, who advance teaching and learning at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 
From the UW Teaching Academy bylaws:


Section 1.  Fellows shall consist of those nominated from the UW-Madison Faculty and staff who have demonstrated 1.) excellence in teaching, through classroom innovation, program development, grant funding, publications, presentations, or policy work, 2.) a commitment to be actively involved in the teaching and learning programming that occurs within the Teaching Academy and across the UW-Madison campus, and 3.) have at least three years residence status and teaching experience (or equivalent) on the UW-Madison campus. These criteria will be detailed in the application materials. Nominees who have demonstrated these criteria will be selected by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Section 2. Fellows are expected to be active participants in Teaching Academy events, serve on subcommittees and provide input into Teaching Academy initiatives. Fellows will be contacted by the executive committee or membership subcommittee to serve the TA consistent with their application materials. If the fellow cannot meet their commitment to the Teaching Academy, their status will be assessed and determined whether it should be sunset.  Examples of involvement might include the Teaching Academy’s winter Retreat, Summer Institute, spring and fall sessions, collaborative work between teaching academy and other on-campus academic units.