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Writing Across the Curriculum Workshops

writingInterested in designing assignments that improve your students’ learning? Saving time responding to and evaluating student writing? Refining methods for conferencing with students on their papers?

To think more about these topics and more ways to use writing to deepen students’ learning, expand your teaching practices, and save you time, join the Writing Across the Curriculum program for any (or all!) of our interactive workshops this fall:

Five Secrets for Designing Writing Assignments, Tues., 9/9, 3:00–4:30
What can you do to get great work from your students? Design great assignments! In this workshop, we’ll share five proven strategies for designing writing assignments in any discipline. We’ll also discuss samples of effective writing assignments, talk about how assignment design can help you respond to students’ work more efficiently, and draft a new writing assignment for your classes.

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Short Writing Assignments in Large(r) Lecture Classes, Thurs., 9/18, 3:00–4:30
Although research shows that interactive writing assignments help students learn, it can be difficult to use writing activities in large lecture courses. This workshop suggests ways to use the high impact practice of writing to teach course content in all disciplines. We’ll look at samples of short, low-stakes writing assignments and discuss proven methods for efficiently incorporating writing into large classes.

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Office Hours and One-on-One Conferences: Helping Students Take Ownership of Their Writing, Wed., 10/1, 3:00–4:30
In this interactive workshop, we’ll focus on the valuable practice of talking one-on-one with students about their writing. We’ll look at research that shows the usefulness of these conversations, watch videotaped conferences to generate best practices for getting students involved when discussing their writing, and identify strategies for making the most of your limited time with your students.

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Strategies for Responding to and Evaluating Student Writing, Tues., 9/23, 3:00–4:30 OR Thurs., 10/23, 2:30–4:00
Want to motivate your students to revise and improve their writing in any discipline? This workshop focuses on strategies and time-saving methods for giving feedback that challenges and supports students in the writing process. We’ll look at current research about feedback, try out different forms of responding effectively and efficiently to student papers, and share advice for getting students engaged in their writing and ideas.

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Please feel free to contact Brad Hughes (, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum or Elisabeth Miller, Assistant Director of Writing Across the Curriculum ( for more information.

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