Retreat Recap: Teaching That Matters (Sep 24, 2010)

Teaching That Matters

September 24, 2010. Friday, 9-5pm UW Welcome Center. Featuring Douglas Bernstein, a noted psychologist and textbook author formerly chair of the Psychology Department of the University of Illinois, focused on the similarities between good teaching and good parenting, and argued that just like children benefit from authoritative parenting our students learn best when we have high expectations, firm limits, and good communication. Also featuring Jeffrey Henriques, the UW Teaching Academy Co-Chair, discussing his research that found that not all innovations in the classroom lead to improved student performance. Agenda.

Themes: Course and teaching assessment, Active and collaborative learning: in-class group quizzing approach used by Dave Abbott at UW-Madison in Introductory Biology, Bio 152. Helping students learn from each other: collaborative course sites, digital storytelling.