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Retreats — Building and Maintaining the Teaching Community

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Retreats: Building and Maintaining the Teaching Community

Fall and Winter Retreats

Open to all! Early in each semester, the Teaching Academy invites the campus community to gather for a morning of conversations on a relevant theme in higher education teaching and learning. These topics help to prepare instructors and faculty for another successful year with undergraduate students and allow campus educators to discuss new updates in undergraduate education. If you are interested in helping to plan or facilitate the next Fall or Winter Retreat, please contact dan.pell@wisc.edu.

  • The Fall Retreat celebrates Fall in Madison by gathering for a morning of conversations on a relevant theme in higher education teaching and learning.
  • The Winter Retreat is a half day event in the dark of winter to share ideas on teaching and learning topics  creating a buzz on campus.

2023 Winter Retreat

Please join the UW Teaching Academy for our Winter Retreat: Friday, February 3rd from 9:00-11:30a. This will be a hybrid event featuring an in-person and online experience. Join us in the DeLuca Forum (in the Discovery Building) OR on Zoom. Together we will explore and address the topic: Confronting Burnout, Rekindling Wellbeing, and Rebuilding Connection.


  • Dr. Raquel Tatar is the Senior Director of Research and Measures at Healthy Minds Innovations, Inc. where she leads the study of well-being.
  • Dr. Sarah Webber  – I am the co-chair for the SMPH well-being advisory committee and Director of Well-being in Pediatrics.
  • Abby Letak is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology, studying culture with regard to media, mental health and wellness, and identity.
  • Dr. Wei-Chiao Hsu works in UHS, she provides Mandarin and English counseling for students struggling with concerns related to international transitions, relationship difficulties, academic and career issues, grief and loss, and mental illness.

Doors open at 8:30 for breakfast and conversation.

Please contact Angela Kita (amkita@wisc.edu) or Dan Pell (dan.pell@wisc.edu) with questions.

Past Fall Retreats

Earlier Fall Retreats

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Past Winter Retreats

Earlier Winter Retreats

Details pulled from less-than-perfect archives—

2008What’s Right in Teaching? Exercises in Appreciative Inquiry to enrich teaching and learning. 

2007The Heart of a Teacher