Retreat Recap: From Philosophy to Feedback (Sep 28, 2012)

Grading: From Philosophy to Feedback

On Friday, September 28th, from 8:30-1, about 140 educators gathered at Union South to explore the purposes of assigning grades to students and to generate discussions over alternative practices and how they align with our broader goals (program). This symposium premiered a short video in which UW faculty, staff, and students share their philosophy of grading; a plenary lecture by Professor James Wollack on testing and grading;  a presentation by Jocelyn Milner, Director of Academic Planning and Analysis, on grades and what they can (and cannot) tell us about student progress; a panel discussion on how grades are used post-graduation, and facilitated lunch discussions on grading practices such as curving, grading group work and contracted grading.

Speakers: Grading: Principles and Practices, James Wollack, Professor, Eudcational Psychology. Grading Patterns and the Student Experience, Jocelyn Milner, Academic Planning and Analysis. Career Services Panel: How Do Course Grades Affect Students’ Employment or Grad School Prospects? Jamie Heisler Ibrahim, Director, Center for Pre Law Advising; Susan Nelson, Director, Center for Pre Health Advising; Steve Schroeder, Assistant Dean, Business Career Center; Leslie Kohlberg, Director, Letters and Science Career Services. Agenda.