March Minutes

UW-Teaching Academy
Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday March 16th, 2017
Middleton Building, Rm 304
1:00pm to 2:30pm

Present: David Baum, Jamie Henke, John Zumbrunnen, Rosemary Russ, John Martin, Jason Hansen, Deb Shapiro, Molly Harris, Adrian Treves, Sue Wenker.

I. Opening Items and Announcements

  1. February Minutes were unanimously approved.
  2. Announcements
    1. The Dean Petty March 17th meeting was cancelled and will be rescheduled.
    2. John M. created an ExComm Office 365 Group. He sent out an email to the group with the group address.

II. New Business

Spring Fellows Only Event

      1. The new date for the Spring Members Only Event will be April 18, 2017 and the UW-TA can invite new Fellows/FFPs to attend a week after induction. Shauntal will research event location availability in Steenbock Private Dining space.
      2. The ExComm decided on the theme of Balancing Teaching and Research: Career, Classroom, and Institutional Accountability. There was discussion around more clearly addressing the issue of quality teaching v. quantity of teaching in the current political climate, as well as how to balance teaching and research.
      3. The Executive Committee discussed potential speakers. David B. reached out to Jo Handelman, the new director of WID, and will contact Nick Balster. Nick will potentially focus more on the accountability, mandates from central government, and alternative facts pieces. The format will include two 20 min each presentations and then a discussion.

Program Assistant Position Update

  1. Jamie H. and John Z. updated the committee on the progress of the PA position transitioning to a staff position. Steve Cramer is on board and the position, in the future, would include more functions for the entire Collaborative and WiscSci.
  2. The UW-TA will potentially save $6K, which can be put back into Teaching Academy programming. The ExComm discussed renegotiating that the UW-TA only pay for for 33.3% of the allocation, as the staff position will be split between the Collaborative. The creation of a tool for PFoT would be included in part of the new position’s responsibility.
  3. John M. advocated to include Linda Jorne in conversation, to maintain the relationship with Academic Technology.

Fellow and FFP Nominations/Applications

    1. Induction Ceremony Date: April 12, 2017 4:30-6:30pm Wisconsin Idea Room
    2. 18 new Fellows and 15 new FFPs accepted.
    3. The FFP Review committee made recommendations including (1) clarifying what should be in the personal statement (what people want to get out of teaching v. what they have accomplished), (2) making nominations mandatory, due to self-nominations lacking perspectives from colleagues or superiors, (3) having letters of rec sent separately so they are confidential, (4) designating a page limit for teaching statements, (5) differentiating what is expected from a Fellow v. FFP, and (5) evaluating the value of the interest inventory.
    4. The ExComm suggested that the committees meet one more time before the end of Spring Semester with recommendations for application and review rubric changes.
  1. Nominations for Academy Award
    1. The Executive Committee voted on Academy Award nominees: Beth Martin, Erica Halverson, Megan Schmid, Hazel Symonette, Tim Paustian, Greg Moses, and Trina McMahon.
    2. Beth Martin received the majority of votes and will receive the Academy Award in 2017.

III. Updates and Continued Discussion

  • PFoT: May 30-31st planning meeting will occur.
  • U-CLaSS Update:
    1. U-CLaSS event took place March 8th with the theme “Rate my Professor.” Ten students and ten instructors attended. Students expressed that it seems that when they fill out teaching evals they are writing into a void. They felt that it did not really matter if they filled them out or not. Faculty explained to students why it does matter. Both determined that making results available to students in some way would be beneficial.
    2. John Z. discussed potential steps on how to make U-CLaSS more institutionalized: undergraduate teaching scholars, classroom observations, etc.
    3. The L&S task force on Teaching and Learning excellence recommended creating an undergraduate teaching scholars program to the dean, which could pair with U-CLaSS.
  • TASI Update: John M. updated the committee on how TASI 2017 will use the planning committee members as active consultants during the 4-day event. As consultants, individuals can then provide Flash Talks during work time. TASI 2017 will focus on the Universal Design framework.
  • T&L Symposium Lunch: Next planning meeting will take place on 4/10. Sue W. left before the ExComm could discuss the luncheon. At least ten TASI participants and 5 LEaP participants have responded that they will attend the luncheon as new affiliates.
  • LEaP Programs: The workshops will take place August 23-24, 2017. The Program Assistant will send out email to Department Chairs and eventually Teaching Academy membership. David B. recommended that the email to forward started with: “Dear Chair, Please forward this onto your teaching assistants, faculty, etc.”

Action Items:

  • Shauntal will start compiling an Attendance of Events by Year document.
  • Fellow and FFP application review committees will meet one more time in Spring to make recommendations for application criteria and application process revisions.
  • Add Fellow and FFP application criteria and evaluation to next agenda.
  • Jamie and John set up meeting with Linda Jorne from Academic Technology regarding transitioning PA position to Collaborative staff.
  • Success story from UW-TA member for T&L Symposium Lunch?

April Minutes

UW-Teaching Academy
Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday April 13, 2017
Middleton Building, Rm 304
1:00pm to 2:30pm

Present: Jamie Henke, John Zumbrunnen, John Martin, Jason Hansen, Deb Shapiro, Molly Harris, Adrian Treves, Sue Wenker, and Cecelia Klingele.

I. Opening Items and Announcements

  1. March Minutes were unanimously approved.
  2. Announcements:
  3. At 2018 Induction, get phonetic spelling of inductee names and provide guidelines to nominators on how to introduce inductees.

II. New Business

    1. Program Assistant Position Update
      1. The position will be transferred to an Administrative Programs Specialist, an individual who will assist multiple collaborative agencies. They are currently seeking external candidates and the position will be housed in Bascom. Timeline for hire will be discussed at the April 14 Collaborative meeting and the ExComm should create a contingency plan if someone is not hired immediately.
    2. Fellow and FFP Application Criteria, form sub-committe.
      1. Molly and Jason submitted suggestions from the FFP review committee.
      2. John Z., Deb S, Jamie H., Molly H., and Jason H. will serve on application/nomination subcommittee that will evaluate the process over the summer and present at the August retreat.
    3. Communication with Faculty Senate
      1. The ExComm agreed on reinstating consistent communication with the Faculty Senate and discussed the value of presenting a year-end update.
      2. New member, Anja Wanner serves on the Univesrity Committee and could serve as an ambassador to the UW_TA in Faculty Senate. Similarly, the UW-TA should have a representative present to ASA.
      3. With UW-TA ambassadors in place, we need to create consistent messaging for for presenting to the aforementioned entities.

III. Updates and Continued Discussion

    1. Spring Members Only Event
      1. The ExComm discussed how having a follow-up members event right after induction shows activity and provides an immediate opportunity for new members to engage.
      2. The event will start at 5:30 with refreshments and food, Jo Handelsman and Nick will give presentations at 6, and then a discussion will occur at 6:45.
      3. John Z. will send out reminder email to new inductees. Event needs to be called Members Only event, not Fellows only event
    2. TASI Update
      1.  John M. updated the ExComm on TASI 2017. The draft schedule is up on Google Drive, this year’s planning team is smaller but more efficient. TASI will focus on course design and the process used by other course design institutes across the country. There are 20 project proposals to date.
    3. PFoT
      1. The PFoT team will be meeting on Tuesday, May 30 from 8:30-12:00 and Wednesday May 31 to discuss the program moving forward. Cecelia K. and Sue W. will send Jamie a list of responsibilities that the new staff member can take on for PFoT. Adrian T. will be joining the PFoT Committee.
      2. Sue W. and Cecelia K. have been discussing the construction of PFoT as a self-managed and self-contact program, providing a peer teacher on campus who can share class observations with you. Early career staff can reach out to UW-TA members for mentorship. The ExComm discussed how this could potentially flood our Fellow members and decrease access to department teaching.
      3. PFoT could provide standardized peer review/observations and reports, or a recommended rubric to use across campus. PFoT should provide a global picture of teaching and promote broader skills, while promoting observations in each dept. for content specificity. Completing a PFoT observation would display that a faculty member has worked to develop their teaching in a valuable way.
      4. The ExComm discussed what role PFoT would play in a tenure file, if a person not from their department reviews their teaching. Outlined how PFoT could collaborate with Dept. Chairs regarding how this peer feedback fits in an individual’s tenure file.
      5. Molly H. and Jason H. stated that FFPs would be interested in both observing others and being observed by other FFPs as well as Fellows. PFoT could include options for faculty/graduate student, faculty/faculty, and graduate student/graduate student peer feedback.
    1. U-CLaSS Update
      1. John Z. and Jamie H. discussed trying to institutionalize U-CLaSS so it is not a series of one off events, providing formalized recognition for students who participate. The new staff position will include responsibilities regarding U-CLaSS planning.  John Z. is setting up a meeting with students who are on the U-CLaSS emailing list to discuss future direction.
      2. Adrian T. offered to work with ASM, pushing for the future inclusion of U-CLaSS as an ASM initiative. Then students could put U-CLaSS on their resume.
      3. In the future, the UW-TA could have a U-CLaSS Blog and teachers could volunteer their entire class as participating in U-CLaSS to hear feedback.
    1. T&L Symposium Lunch
      1. The lunch will occur from 12:30 to 1:15pm. At 12:15, the teaching academy will start its brief presentation, recognizing new members and affiliates. Beth can receive her academy award and give speech outlining the benefits of the UW-TA.
      2. The presentation will have slides showing lists of affiliates, new Fellows, and new FFPs. John and Jamie will give a brief intro of the UW-TA.
    1. LEaP Programs
      1. TA-LEaP will occur August 21-22 and I-LEaP will take place August 23-24. 30 individuals are currently signed up.

Other Business

    1. Active Teaching Lab
      1. 86 Active Teaching Labs have occurred this semester, 36 have been led by Teaching Academy Fellows. 1151 individuals have attended.
      2. Recommendation to reopen what qualifies for affiliates in the May meeting by John M. and Adrian T. Shauntal should provide the amended affiliate document voted upon last Spring and a link to list of active teaching labs.
        1. For instance, if an individual attends a certain amount of Active Teaching Labs (designated hours etc), does that qualify for Affiliate. If you attend x amount of active teaching labs and then attend a 3 hour lab on instructional design, then you are an affiliate.
    2. ExComm Membership
      1. Four ExComm members are rotating off in May/June: Deb S., Sue W., Adrian T., and Duncan C.
      2. The ExComm discussed whether the UW-TA put out a call for candidate applications and then have the whole membership vote on who should be new ExComm members. They did not reach a consensus.
    1. FFP ExComm Representative
      1. Jason will be stepping down from ExComm. He recommended Carolyn Liesen as the new FFP representative.
      2. The UW-TA unanimously approved Carolyn Liesen as the new FFP ExComm rep.


  • Co-Chairs sit down with Anja Wanner.

February Minutes

UW-Teaching Academy
Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday February 16th, 2017
Middleton Building, Rm 302
1:00pm to 2:30pm

I. Opening Items and Announcements
January minutes unanimously approved.
-Rosemary Russ introducedI.

Opening Items and Announcements

II. New Business

  • Spring Fellows Only Event
    • The ExComm discussed holding the Spring Fellows event on March 27 or 28 and the topic will focus on Accountability and the public university (academic freedom, uniform course eval, post tenure reviews, state budgeting, WI idea). Options for event include WID, Memorial Union new spaces, and the University Club.
  • Program Assistant Position Update    
    • Co chairs met with Janet Bradshaw, who is willing to potentially take on Teaching Academy administrative responsibilities. Future meeting will take place on February 19th for further discussion.
  • Clinical Affiliate Update
    • Dean Petty and the SMPH wanted to create a structure for preceptors to link to the Teaching Academy in their process of continuing professional development for accreditation.
    • Per last ExComm meeting’s discussion, the PFoT committee expressed concern about whether PFoT participants should be included in the affiliate status.
    • Beth M, Sue W., and Adrian T. met with Pat McBride and Jeanette Roberts regarding clinical affiliate status. Jeanette R. offered that someone from the ExComm sit with her to go through the preceptor training requirements to gain better understanding. The SMPH would assess whether clinical affiliates have met/passed standards in home units that reflect participation and the completion of training in teaching. The SMPH will conduct vetting for affiliates and criteria.
    • Many of the SMPH faculty expressed they want increased interaction with the Teaching Academy. Discussed the option of holding one ExComm meeting on other side of campus starting next year.
    • Jeanette offered funding to make our existing events more accessible to preceptors off-campus, like online courses and distance learning.
    • SMPH chose March 15 deadline to receive confirmation on moving forward with the clinical affiliate status. The co-chairs will write to Dean Petty, as the ExComm unanimously approved to move forward. Sue W. and Beth M. could be assigned UW-TA members to work with SMPH.
  • Nomination Committee and Nominations   
    • The Executive Committee discussed including a more thorough description of the Induction Ceremony in award letter, informing new members of the formal setting.
    • Rebecca Summer and Carolyn Liesen are additionally members of the FFP review committee.
    • Committees will report back on selections at the next ExComm meeting.
  • Teaching & Learning Symposium Lunch
    • Funding for the luncheon has been transferred and new affiliate invitations have been sent for luncheon attendance.
    • The planning committee is discussing having the Teaching Academy use 20-30 minutes during the one hour lunch to recognize Affiliates and have 1-2 people share their Teaching & Learning stories. The lunch will be a buffet.
  • LEaP workshops and collaborative programming
    • The next LEaP workshops will take place August 21-22, 2017. During the next academic year, LEaP and the collaborative will work to create ongoing Teaching & Learning events for all members. Molly H. suggested bringing in FFP for presenters.
  • Nominations for Academy Award
    • In efforts to be more transparent and open, an email will be sent out to the membership requesting Academy Award nominees. The ExComm discussed how the award needs to go to someone who has displayed dedication and service to the Teaching Academy. The award cannot be a current ExComm member. This language will be added to the website. Nominations for the award will end on March 10, 2017.

III. Updates and Continued Discussion

  • Winter Reboot Report:
    • The Winter Reboot received positive feedback. The shorter event and guest speaker structure was successful and well-received.
  • U-CLaSS Update    
    • The next U-CLaSS will take place March 8th from 5-6pm in the Chadbourne main lounge. The topic will be Beyond “Rate My Professor” Student Evaluation of Teaching.

Induction Ceremony Date: April 12, 2017 4:30-6:30pm Wisconsin Idea Room, School of Ed.

2017 Teaching Academy Induction: April 12th

Please join us in celebrating the induction of the Teaching Academy’s newest Fellows and Future Faculty Partners! This year’s induction will take place on Wednesday April 12, 2017 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm in the School of Education’s Wisconsin Idea Room.

The ceremony will include brief introductions of our new members, as well as light refreshments and cake. Please RSVP for the event here.

2017 Fellow Inductees
Beth Altschafl
Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau
Karla Ausderau
Meghan Cotter
Allison Grayev
Elizabeth Harris
Barbara King
Elizabeth Larson
Kate McCulloh
Andrea Porter
John Puccinelli
Simone Schweber
Sonya Sedivy
Lindsey Steege
Ruth Sullivan
Elisa Torres
Anja Wanner
Claire Wendland

2017 Future Faculty Partner Inductees
Ashley Bellet
Debora Bellinzani
Kathryn Boonstra
Angela Calvin
Elizabeth Ceperley
Sara Farsiu
Isaac Garcia-Guerrero
Angela Greenman
Soo Yun Kim
Kurt Kuehne
Giselle Martinez Negrette
Tor Ole Odden
Emily Parrott
Naomi Salmon
Christine Widmayer

Save the Date: Spring Members Only Event

“Balancing Teaching and Research: Career, Classroom, and Institutional Accountability”

The UW-Madison Teaching Academy invites you to attend our Spring Members Only Event. The event will occur on Tuesday April 18th from 5:30 to 7:00pm in the Steenbock’s Private Dining area. The Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, Dr. Jo Handelsman, and Associate Professor and MTLE Co-Director, Nick Balster, will speak on the topic of “Balancing Teaching and Research: Career, Classroom, and Institutional Accountability.”

RSVP for the event here.


January 2017 Minutes

UW-Teaching Academy
Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday January 19th, 2017
Middleton Building, Rm 302
1:00pm to 2:30pm

I. Opening Items and Announcements
Minutes approved from December Meeting.
-Announcements: Rosemary Russ has accepted to be a part of the ExComm.

II. New Business
1. LEAP Workshops
Discussed the idea of adding more sessions throughout the year with the help of the Collaborative. These one hour sessions could be offered to everyone. Jamie and John will discuss this idea with the Collaborative.

2. Program Assistant Replacement
Co-chairs met with Steve Cramer regarding the Collaborative sharing a full-time staff member to perform administrative work for the TA. The ExComm approved for the co-chairs to explore this as an option, rather than hiring a graduate student in a Program Assistant role.

3. Clinical Affiliate Update
Sue W. and Adrian T. asked if the ExComm could confirm interest in developing the clinical affiliate collaboration by February 15th. ExComm confirmed they are interested but agreed there should be standards for affiliates, with said details being confirmed at a later time. Affiliates should complete training and actively apply information to teaching. Agenda item for next ExComm includes a vote on specified teaching workshops.

4. Induction Ceremony and Nomination Committees
Fellow review committee includes Deb Shapiro, Jamie Henke, Duncan Carlsmith, Michael Maguire, and David Baum.
-The FFP Committee is comprised of Molly H., Jason H., John M., and Joe Sepe.
-The ExComm discussed holding the Induction Ceremony on either April 19th or 20th 4:30pm to 6:00pm. At the next ExComm meeting, nominations for the Academy Award will be discussed.

5. Teaching & Learning Symposium Lunch
The UW-TA will announce affiliates at the T&L Symposium. Affiliates include TASI, PFoT, and LEaP participants. Shauntal will send email inviting TASI participants and PFoT members.
-The lunch planning committee met in early December and decided to shorten the lunch from an hour. They discussed having individuals share short compelling stories of Academy impact on their teaching.

6. FFP Happy Hour and Brown Bags
FFP brown bags will occur once a month. The next brown bag is February 13, 2017. Molly and Jason asked if the FFP could have their own budget line item moving forward.

III. Updates and Continued Discussion
1. Spring Fellows Only Event
The proposed dates for the Spring Fellows Event include March 13-15 or 27-28.

2. U-CLaSS Update
Evaluation of Teaching U-CLaSS session will occur soon.

Close at 2:32pm

Apply to Become a Fellow or FFP by February 15th!

The Teaching Academy is now seeking nominations to select teacher, scholars, and graduate students as Fellows and Future Faculty Partners in the Teaching Academy at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Nominees should be outstanding faculty, staff, or graduate students actively involved in teaching on this campus, who advance teaching and learning at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Membership in the Teaching Academy is an honor bestowed on individuals who have demonstrated teaching excellence, are recognized and nominated by their peers, and are committed to advancing the mission of the Academy.

Please consider self-nominating or nominating colleagues who have a minimum of three years (or semesters for FFPs) of experience as an educator at UW-Madison who have:

  1. demonstrated teaching excellence
  2. demonstrated substantial service or leadership in education at UW-Madison, and
  3. expressed a willingness to be active participants in Teaching Academy events and governance.

Download this Application Checklist, compile and combine the required application documents, and upload your completed application using this form. Applications are due February 15, 2017. Nomination packets used for campus teaching awards may be submitted as Teaching Academy Fellow Nominations without the need to remove superfluous information (letters of support, students evaluations, etc.), this extra information is, however, not necessary for the Teaching Academy screening process.

Please submit one completed combined application document, as incomplete materials will result in disqualification. Note that the nomination committee reserves the right to request further information.

If you have any questions about any parts of the application process, please contact Shauntal Van Dreel at

November 2016 Minutes

UW-Teaching Academy
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday November 14, 2016
Law School, Rm 7205
8:30am to 10:00am

I. Opening Items and Announcements
Minutes from October meeting unanimously approved.
Announcements: Electronic Voting By-Law Change was passed at October members meeting.

II. New Business

Fellow and FFP Nomination Application Deadline and Canvas Course for Teaching Academy — Proposal

  • Shauntal will send emails to individuals interested in the Fellows application review process. The Teaching Academy will send out a call for nominations to all department chairs and administrators.
  • The deadline for the applications will be February 15, 2017.
  • Jamie will edit the application review rubric.
  • The ExComm determined that they would use the Qualtrics survey for the 2017 applications, but migrate to use Google Forms and a Canvas Course in the 2017-2018 school year.
  • The subcommittee created to assist in the application transition process includes John Martin, Adrian Treves, Jamie Henke, John Z., and Jason H.

Health of Teaching Academy: Spin-offs and Affiliates

  • At the Members Only Event, members vocalized their opinions that the UW-TA needs to increase faculty involvement, encourage its members to run for the ExComm, reinvest in its relationship with the Faculty Senate, and re-evaluate its mission statement.
  • The ExComm discussed having designated seats on the Executive Committee for members of UW-TA spin offs. It is important for the UW-TA to maintain and bolster connections with “spin-offs.”
  • The ExComm also noted that, in its current make-up, the committee is not representative of the Fellows overall, an issue that needs to be addressed.

III. Updates and Continued Discussion

Winter Reboot Planning Update

  • The theme of the Winter Reboot will focus on the mission of a public university in the current political climate, how to effectively teach controversial topics in the classroom, how to create safe spaces, and discuss the concepts of civic virtue, civic engagement, and social responsibility. Event topic could be linked to the ELO: Social Responsibility.
  • Aim to have Kathy Cramer of Political Science and Diana Hess from the School of Education to serve as guest speakers.
  • The event will be held from 8:30am to 11:00am on January 20th, including a half hour for breakfast.

LEaP Workshops

  • In 2017-2018, LEaP workshops will take place in a 2 day workshop, rather than 1 hour meetings dispersed throughout the semester.

U-CLaSS Update

  • The next UCLaSS will take place at the beginning of December and will focus on  how students feel teachers should teach controversial topics in the classroom.

Next Members Only Event.

  • The ExComm discussed having another Members Only event in spring before the Induction Ceremony.
  • Potential topics to be discussed include revising the mission statement and changing the EC nomination process.

Next Agenda Item:

  • Should the Induction Ceremony format be revised.

December 2016 Minutes

UW-Teaching Academy
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday December 12, 2016
Law School, Rm 7205
8:30am to 10:00am

I. Opening Items and Announcements

Minutes from November meeting unanimously approved.

Announcements: The ExComm discussed sending a Doodle poll to determine Spring meeting times.

II. New Business
Clinical Affiliates Proposal from Dean Petty (Adrian, 15 min)

  • Jeanette Roberts, PhD MPH, Professor, and Dean Emeritus, Director of the Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (CIPE) presented a proposal that outlined collaboration between the Teaching Academy and the CIPE to include clinical practitioners as affiliates and connect them to UW-Madison.  
  • Under the current proposal, the clinical affiliate status would assist clinical teachers in expanding teaching expertise through the CIPE. CIPE does not serve the schools of law, education, or social work.
  • The Teaching Academy could assist the CIPE in offering professional development and continuing education for clinicians, saving staff and time of the CIPE in creating a clinical specific teaching academy. Clinicians would have to participate in a certain amount of PD or events in order to qualify for affiliate status.
  • The ExComm presented the possibility of creating an ExComm clinical co-chair position. The ExComm discussed that the Teaching Academy does not have the capacity to develop individuals, but has capacity to ally and acknowledge skills.
  • The ExComm will create a subcommittee to further discuss the clinical affiliate role and will send Jeanette I-LEaP, TA-LEaP, and TASI materials.   

Acknowledgement of Affiliate Status

  • The individuals who met the requirements to become an affiliate will be acknowledged at the Winter Reboot. The January ExComm meeting will include an internal discussion on the future direction of the affiliate status.

Faculty Senate Relationship

  • Rebuilding the Faculty Senate relationship would help to build prestige for the UW-TA. The Teaching Academy could proactively offer and submit an annual report to the Faculty Senate, University Committee, and Academic Staff assembly. In addition to a written report, the ExComm discussed creating an elevator speech that describes the need for and accomplishments of the UW-TA

New ExComm Membership Nomination

  • Nick Balster nominated Rosemary Russ for the ExComm, to bolster engagement between MTLE and the UW-TA. Rosemary Russ was unanimously approved by the ExComm and will begin her term starting in January 2017. Shauntal will send a congratulatory email.

III. Updates and Continued Discussion

Winter Reboot Planning Update (John M., John Z., Cecelia)

  • The event topic is “Teaching in Divisive Times” and John M. is meeting with guest presenter Diana Hess in the upcoming weeks.

White Paper Update (David)

  • The L&S committee is interested in creating a consistent survey for all classes with data from said survey distributed online for students to access.


  • Megan S. scheduled meeting with John M. and Shauntal to create a Canvas course that includes peer matching. 

U-CLaSS Update (John Z & Jamie)

  • U-CLaSS event occurred on December 8, 2016 and had 10 students in attendance. The ExComm discussed moving the Spring meeting times to early evening in order to increase participation numbers.

Spring Fellows Only Event

  • The event should be separate from the Induction Ceremony and should focus on what it means for the Teaching Academy to “promote excellence.” The event should additionally provide a space for the UW-TA community to actively discuss campus policies.

IV. Other Business

  • The Teaching Academy could create a written needs assessment that gathers what members want from the academy and what would help to engage more of the membership.
  • The FFP has considered establishing a happy hour gathering during Spring 2017.