UW-Madison Teaching Academy Members-Only Event
(Exclusive for Fellows and FFPs)

Dr. Brauer will speak on, “Inclusive teaching practices – What works and what doesn’t work” an informal talk and Q&A (exclusive for Fellows and FFPs of the Teaching Academy).

Where: Birge 158, alcohol and light refreshments will be served

When: 5-7 pm, October 17th, 2018

Markus Brauer is a professor of psychology who explores how people’s thought processes, perceptions of others, and behaviors are affected by being members of social categories (e.g., African Americans, gender/sexual minorities). His lab studies both the cognitive processes that are involved in the maintenance of stereotypes and prejudice and also designs and assesses interventions for reducing discrimination and promoting diversity in classrooms (and other settings). He will tell us about his ongoing research, including results from several experiments they have conducted in UW classrooms over the last few semesters, and then participate in a discussion.

No RSVP necessary.