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The mission of the UW-Madison Teaching Academy is to promote, recognize and support excellence in teaching and learning among faculty, staff and students across campus and beyond. There are three types of membership Future Faculty Partner (FFP), Fellow, and Affiliate.

The Teaching Academy recognizes excellence in teaching and learning occurs in a variety of spaces and methods. For the purpose of nominations of Fellows, the term learner is a broad term to include students at various levels of learning and students in a variety of environments (e.g. traditional classrooms, clinical and experiential settings, through mentoring and instructional support, and professional development courses). We welcome nominees who work in traditional classrooms, clinical practice, field instruction, or instructional support with learners at any level.

Affiliate Membership

The Affiliate status recognizes and welcomes instructors, teaching assistants, and graduate students who demonstrate interest in improving teaching and learning, but do not yet have the three years of demonstrated excellence at UW-Madison required for Fellow status (three semesters for FFPs). Affiliate status is effective for three years, at which time the Teaching Academy hopes Affiliates apply to become Fellows. Graduate students may apply to become Future Faculty Partners after three semesters at UW-Madison.

Applications for memberships from Affiliates and Clinical Affiliates are reviewed once each semester during the academic year with notifications sent to applicants via email. All new members are recognized at the annual Teaching Academy Induction Ceremony.

2020 Teaching Academy new FFPs

Joint Dual IPE Distinguished Fellowship

The UW Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (UW CIPE) and the UW–Madison Teaching Academy are excited to announce the inaugural application of the Joint Dual UW CIPE and Teaching Academy IPE Distinguished Fellowship. Up to three honorary distinguished fellowships will be awarded to faculty members, academic staff, and professional students in recognition of their excellence in IPE teaching, practice, research, and/or leadership at UW-Madison and beyond.

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Future Faculty Partner (FFPs) and Fellow Membership

FFPs and Fellows have demonstrated sustained teaching excellence and a commitment to advancing the mission of the Academy. In 2019, the Teaching Academy streamlined processes to become Fellows and Future Faculty Partners (FFPs). There are now three pathways for Fellow or Future Faculty Partner membership:

  1. Letter of nomination or self-nomination explaining why the nominee or you want to be considered for membership to the Teaching Academy, and how the nominee or you hope to get involved in the events or initiatives (See the FFP/Fellow Application Checklist)
  2. Nomination packet developed for a prior a teaching award (within last 10 years).
  3. Letter of support from the Dean, Chair or Program director of your school/college or department.

The Teaching Academy Executive Committee reviews nominations for Fellows and FFPs every 30-60 days. The nominee will receive an email regarding the outcome, and new members will be recognized at an annual Teach Academy induction ceremony.

2020 Teaching Academy New Fellows

Why Join?

What I really appreciate about the Teaching Academy is being able to connect with others on campus who care about and are working to improve their teaching. I find that these conversations invigorate and inspire me. (Jeff Henriques,  2009-2010 Co-Chair of the TA, Psychology and Nursing)

Although the University of Wisconsin is viewed around the world as a premier research institution, the life blood of this university is our students making our role as educators paramount to its success. The Teaching Academy in my opinion champions this role by bringing together faculty, staff, and graduate students devoted to and passionate about Teaching and Learning. I am so thankful to be part of a community of scholars from across campus that focus on improving Teaching and Learning whether through formal activities such as the Summer Institute or informal functions such as “brown-bag” get-togethers to discuss the latest innovations in teaching.  I am continually invigorated and inspired to be part of an academy advancing the scholarship of teaching. (Nick Balster, 2009-2011 Co-Chair of the TA, Soil Department)

I appreciate the opportunity to work with faculty and staff from across campus who care about teaching and learning.  The Teaching Academy is one of the few organizations on campus that draws from every discipline. (Chris Pfund, TA Executive Committee, Delta)

I get inspired and energized by my teaching academy colleagues. With so many disciplines and perspectives on education represented in the teaching academy, participating in sponsored events and discussions is an ideal way to plug into a campus community and network that is committed to teaching and learning. (Janet Batzli, 2010-2011 Co-Chair of the TA, Biocore)

The Teaching Academy provides the opportunity to share and explore fresh approaches to teaching across all of the disciplines on the Madison campus. The activities of the Academy allow one to observe perspectives and expand horizons beyond the boundaries of the individual department, all within a warm and collaborative atmosphere. I have found this to be a very enriching experience for myself, not only as a teacher, but also as a scholar. (Jamie Henke, TA Executive Committee, Liberal Studies and the Arts)